Just for a Slice of Bread

Written by Angelina Lee When a baby is born, that child can grow up to accomplish anything and everything. There are infinite possibilities in the world that they can reach for and fulfill to their heart’s desire. However, some of these lives can be crushed before they even turn five years old due to malnutrition. It’s the leading cause of death for children under five; responsible for nearly fifty percent of early deaths. There are many different ways malnutrition can affect a child. Perhaps they were fed the wrong food, fed inadequately, or simply not fed at all. Many times, the families of these children simply do not have to agency to raise these children well. For example, they can lack

The Incompetent Twins

There's a red flag to be waived in this country, and it's in regard to drug abuse & homelessness. It's clear this system benefits off of the labor of prisoners, and the greedy pipeline's in the medical field. They've created a new bucket, and its mishandling funds that should be helping homeless victims going through drug abuse issues. The homeless in this situation are mentally broken, being hooked on any drug that disables you to position yourself to earn a sufficient income while maintaining your standard of living is a sign of incompetence. On the other hand we see some state officials receiving funds for homeless programs but are handling distribution poorly, while pocketing what's left


The corona virus has found its way into our society, and our homeless within the communities are dealing with the short end of the stick at a higher rate. We constantly hear about safety procedures and ways to keep clean, while the homeless are stranded outside susceptible to this virus. President Trump has issued orders for testing availability across the country, and as part of the press conferences for the virus, he's stated that he would be waiving the interest on student loans held by the federal government for as long as the emergency is in effect, also proposing to send direct cash payments to qualified Americans to help with the economic headache of the virus at this time, this stimu

Hunger: A Never-Ending Struggle for Children in Need

Vatsalya Verma | March 21 Every minute, six children die from a hunger-related disease worldwide (HHAW, n.d.). While many believe that hunger is only a problem in third-world, undeveloped countries, it is still present in the United States today. Forty-two million of our fellow Americans are hungry, and one in five US children are growing up in poverty (HHAW, n.d.). Malnutrition can negatively affect children’s health, development, and learning. Hunger is detrimental to a child’s health and development. Homeless children are four times more likely to be sick and suffering from infections of the ears, respiratory system, gastrointestinal system, and have asthma (Firesteel, 2016). Hunger will

To Have the Imagination of a Child

Written by Angelina Lee When was the last time you were encouraged to color, or to doodle with crayons? The answer to that for most is, sadly, not since first grade. As we grow up in society and learn more rules and laws, creativity and original thought is more and more discouraged. Without any thought to create, it will be easier to assimilate into society and to fit in. Yet now more than ever, it is important to have art in you and to create it: here’s why. Besides being adorable, children are known for having a big imagination. If a child drew a unicorn that they claimed to have seen earlier that day, adults simply praise them emptily. If a child dreams of being a singer or even the presi


How do we live in a country that's shortsighted on seeing the importance of a sustainable prescription budget? Where it leaves a fraction of our citizens having to decide, whether to buy food or pick up medication. It's an ugly situation that's growing within the country. My premise on how people can afford both is simple. If you're facing this situation provide your income details and gain immediate qualification to receive a 50-75% discount on your prescription. In terms of feeding yourself, you should qualify for EBT approval no questions asked. We as a people should stand up for ideologies as such, because it's clearly unfair to half to pick whether to eat one day or pick up some medicin

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