Homeless Youth

By Heather Stergos One of the least discussed issues surrounding homelessness in America is the epidemic of adolescents who are living on the streets and the dangers and difficulties they face. A study done in 2017 found that there are 3.5 million young adults between the ages of 18 and 25 who are homeless at some point during the course of a year, which is 1 out of every 10-young people. In addition to this staggering number the same study found that 700,000 minors between the ages of 13 and 17 experience homelessness at some point over the year, which is one out of every 30 adolescents. Who are the young people at risk for becoming homeless? One of the largest at-risk groups is youth who d

The Global Statistics of Homelessness

Stephanie Stinnett It should come as no surprise that homelessness is an ever-growing problem in our country. In fact, in some cities the percentage of homeless is increasing so rapidly that mayors have begun declaring states of emergency. The overall number of homeless in America in 2017 is 553,742 people with 76,501 homeless in New York City. How is our homeless population in comparison with other cities in the world? What are some cities in the world that have the highest homeless population? The last time there was a global survey on homelessness was in 2005. The survey found that 1.6 billion people globally lacked adequate housing, and that there were 100 million homeless. But getting a

Elderly Needing to Choose Between Prescriptions and Food

By: Allison Armijo Seniors, commonly known to possess a breadth of knowledge and wise adages, should have to worry about grandchildren or themselves, not choosing between prescriptions and food. This common issue plagues many elderly men and women in America today. This unfortunate problem not only reveals the hardships faced by that community, but sheds light on how they are forced to deal with these issues. This predicament of needing to choose between health and well, health forces seniors between a rock and a hard place. How are they meant to deal with such mental and physical issues? Do they have families that can help them through these challenging times, or are they on their own? For

The Importance of Art in a Controversial Society

By: Allison Armijo Self-expression is a fickle thing. In some cultures, art is meant to provoke an audience and instigate a deeper thinking that one would have to venture beyond to achieve. However, conservative societies do not appreciate such displays. Although it makes sense to not want nudist paintings hanging 8-feet high for reasons of being uncomfortable or feeling awkward, art of all kinds should be celebrated; given that it provokes thought and gives insight into a deeper realm. From artists like Dali to Picasso, things like the subconscious are extremely important in self-expression. People need to think outside of the box to achieve large goals. Therefore, art is extremely importan

So, You Want to Hold a Food Drive

By Stephanie Stinnett A few weeks ago, I had a post about food insecurity in America, and I found that nearly 1 in every 8 American’s don’t know how or where their next meal will come from. One of the ideas to help that I briefly discussed was starting a food drive. A food drive is not only a great way to help your local community, but it’s also a great way to spread the word about food insecurity and get your community involved in helping solve it. Step One: Establish where you would like the goods collected in your drive to go, such as a food bank or a local shelter. Once you’ve established where your collected goods will go be sure to give them a heads up just in case they need to make an

Felons in Homelessness – Attempts to Spread Peace & Respect in Homeless Communities

By Allison Armijo In a pessimistic society, it is sometimes difficult to have an optimistic view on life in general, or even the next few days. However, this negative thinking is lethal and can have harmful repercussions on today’s community of homeless, especially homeless felons. With such a negative connotation on homelessness, those suffering from society’s discrimination are forced to view themselves as scum; lowlifes with no place in today’s world. However, this is the antithesis of the truth. With rehabilitation programs and educational classes, there has never been a better time for homeless felons to contribute to society in a positive way. Therefore, homeless felons are in need of

The Invisible People

By: Stephanie Stinnett Around the United States there is a new type of homelessness population on the rise. They are the working homeless. They work often full-time jobs, yet they have nowhere to go because of the steep housing prices. Many of these people live in cities where the wages can’t keep up with the steady increase in housing costs. According to the National Low Income Housing Coalition, renters need to earn a wage of at least $21.21 per hour to afford a two-bedroom house in the U.S. The average hourly wage for renters is $16.38. Axios reports that the working homeless are often an invisible population. Cities don’t typically keep track of their homeless population with employment,

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