Disability & Homelessness

There are many who wish for a world where no child will go hungry. A world where the ill are taken care of. Where those who are helpless receive an outstretched arm. But this fantasy is far from reality. In the United States of America alone, over 554,000 people sleep with no roof over their heads. 554,000 people have no shelter from the heavy rains or scorching heat. No guarantee that they will have food in their stomach the next morning when they lie down to sleep. 554,000 people in America are reported to be homeless. However, even more tragic, more than forty percent of the homeless population struggle with a disability. This number has been on a rise for the past decade. According to th

LGBTQ Children Rejected by Their Parents

The LGBTQ community has come a long way from being discriminated in society to standing together to achieve global equality. In today's generation, the LGBTQ community has accomplished milestones that has changed the course of history across the globe. Same-sex marriage is legal in all 50 states, the Pentagon lifts the ban on transgender people to serve for the U.S. military and LGBTQ celebrities such as Sam Smith have been a positive influence on the gay community. While the world is making progress for equality within the LGBTQ community, parents are finding it difficult to make progress on accepting their transgender and gender nonconforming children. According to the Huffpost, "Studies s

The Long Summer

For most of us summer is a time to look forward to. It is a time of vacations, cookouts with family and friends, lazy afternoons on the front porch with a cold drink and a multitude of fun outdoor activities that we all look forward to. There are annoyances that come with these fun-filled summer days, such as mosquitoes, sunburn from long hours at the pool and the increased electric bill due to the ever-running air conditioning, but for the most part, summer is a time of relaxation and fun. This is not the reality for those who are homeless. Though it may be easy to recognize the risks and struggles the homeless face in the cold of winter, the risks and difficulties they face in the summer m

Representation of the Homeless on Social Media

Recently, my younger brother has introduced me to the world of information sharing that is known as Reddit is one of the lesser-known social media site that acts as a virtual discussion board, connecting people from all over the world. As I have begun scrolling through these pages, one of the threads that has most stood out to me so far has been one in which reddit users have taken to asking questions to homeless and formerly homeless users. Some of the most intriguing questions that I have come across so far include, “What’s the best thing people can do to actually help homeless people?” “How did you end up homeless?” and “How did you end up turning your life around?” I think th

A Spoonful of Kindness

One of my fondest memories growing up was in a soup kitchen. When I was younger, I volunteered at the Crossroads Soup Kitchen in Detroit. While I knew that it was a nice thing to do to help out my community, I was not prepared for how much it would teach me. I met so many endearing people, and listened to each of their diverse stories. Most importantly to me, I made people happy. I counted each smile as I poured ladle after ladle of hot soup. Back then, I did not realize how much of an impact a seemingly miniscule job could have on a city. Soup kitchens are crucial in assisting hungry homeless people, and they’re always in need of volunteers. These charities have played an important role thr

Schizophrenia: The Delusions Behind the Existence

The term schizophrenia means “fragmented mind”. Schizophrenia is a chronic mental disorder that affects the brain and behavior of individuals. The causes of this disorder have remained a debatable topic throughout the history of human civilization, but the most research have suggested that it is caused by the abnormalities in certain brain hormones particularly dopamine. The people affected by it live a very painful life with the delusion that someone might harm them or their loved one, sometimes leading them to attempt suicide. Symptoms The positive symptoms like hallucinations and delusions depict how suf

The Struggle of the Growing Elderly Homeless Population

When Horace Allong, 60 moved to Los Angeles after a divorce, he could not foresee that he would lose his wallet and identification two weeks into his arrival to the city. Allong struggled to find a job and is now forced to live in a tent. “It’s the first time I’ve been on the streets, so I’m learning.” Allong told The New York Times. Unfortunately, Allong isn’t an outlier because the homeless population is getting older. In 2014, 306,000 people over 50 were homeless. With this increasing trend, the number of elderly living on the streets will double by 2050. It is not as easy as believing the stigma that people are lazy because there are complex reasons why anyone might be forced into such a

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