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An Impossible Choice: Paying for Prescriptions or Food
Elderly and Homelessness
Elderly Income
Elderly on the Streets Choose Between Prescriptions and Food
Empowering Our Elders The Importance of Giving a Voice to Homeless and Hospice Patients
Homeless Americans are Growing, with Population & Age
Love Our Elders
Older Adults Struggle As A Particularly Vulnerable Homeless Group
The Elderly and Homelessness
The Elderly Homeless Population
The Golden Years Aren’t So Golden on the Streets
The Price of Living a Medicated Life
The Senior War between food and prescriptions

The Special Challenges of the Elderly Homeless
The Struggle....Growing Elderly Homeless Population

Bullycide: The New Generation of Bullying
Can Family Affection Go Too Far?
College Bullying: The Wrath of Mean Girls in College
Cyberbullying and Harassment
Domestic Abuse and Homelessness
Domestic Violence/Abuse and Homelessness

Effects of Emotional and Psychological Abuse
Harassment: Let’s Talk About It
Homelessness, Poverty and Domestic Abuse
Homelessness Through Domestic Abuse
How Abuse Contributes To The Shelter?
Human Trafficking
See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil
Sexual Abuse Among Incest
Sexual Abuse is the Norm for the Homeless
Survivors Hidden Among the Homeless

The Dragon Behind Closed Doors
The Link Between Domestic Violence and Homelessness
The Silent Cry of “Me Too”
To Speak or To Do

Alamo City Street Choir’s Lifesaving Music
Art and Learning
Art in Struggling Communities
Art Programs in Public Schools: Why They Matter
Bicycle Thieves and the Transparency of Crime
Creative While Quarantined: Using Art to Uplift Humanity
Effect of Art on the Homeless Population
Emotional Advantages of Creativity
Music Is A Moral Law
The Importance of Art in a Controversial Society
To Have the Imagination of a Child
We Need to Encourage Kids to Pursue Creative Careers
Why Homeless People Buy Candles

As if I Were Invisible
Disability & Homelessness
For the ...Disability is a Life Sentence, Not a Lazy Excuse
Homelessness and Disabilities
Impaired through Homelessness, and Homeless through Impairment

Prevalence of Disability in Homeless Communities

5 Everyday Ways To Combat Homelessness
Giving Like a Billionaire
The Long Summer

How Age Attributes to Homelessness
Not Homeless by Choice: The Struggle for Employment
The Invisible People
Underemployment and Homelessness

Felons and Homelessness
Homelessness and Felons: A Layered Issue
Incarceration and Homelessness: A Vicious Cycle
No Place to Go
Second Chance: Make It More Than Just Words
The Link Between Felons and Homelessness
The Relationship Between Incarceration and Homelessness
The Revolving Door That Never Stops: The Repetition of Incarceration and Homelessness
We Shouldn’t Judge People Who Have Been In Prison
You Can Never Go Home Again: The Prevalence of Homelessness Among Felons

Food Banks / Food Drives
Food Banks in the Time of Coronavirus
Food Banks vs the Coronavirus: Who will come out on top?
Food Banks: What They Really Need
Volunteering at Soup kitchens and Pantries, Not just once a year On Thanksgiving, We eat Every Day.

An Anonymous Tip on Nutrition Supplements and Herbal Remedies
A Downward Spiral: Homelessness and Health Problems

Effects of Homelessness on Pregnancy
Few Healthcare Resources for Poor People
Pregnancy and Homelessness
Vaccinating People Affected by Homelessness

Christmas and Homelessness
Homeless During the Holidays
Importance of Thanksgiving for the Homeless and....
The Effect of the Holidays on Homelessness

Beyond the Basics
A Broken Dream

A Growing Homeless Epidemic in a Land of Wealth
A Multi-Billion Dollar Opportunity
An Intro into the 4th Wave of Feminism
Being Homeless in 2020
Effects of Life Shocks on Homelessness
Evicted With No Place To Go
From Crisis to Stability: Budgeting Strategies for Individuals Facing Homelessness
Homeless Encampments: To Whom are the Streets For?
Homelessness in Little Places
Homeless in a Big City
Homeless in a Small Town
Homeless: Not One Size Fits All
Homeless Stories: Then and Now
Homeless Youth
Hostile Architecture
How Does Mental Illness Relate to Homelessness?
How the Homeless Issue is Not Being Solve
If we all decided to Help Those in Need
Is it a Gender Thing?
Is it Really Possible to Turn Rags into Riches?
Legacy of Forced Homelessness Among Native American Peoples

One Hidden Effect of COVID-19 on Homeless: Nowhere to Use the Bathroom
Shopping Carts and the Morality Discount
Sleeping in a Vehicle: The Massive Knowledge Gap
The Elephant In The Room

The Feminization of Homelessness
The Global Statistics of Homelessness
The Homeless and the Census
Why Bother Going to a Shelter?

The Ugandan Water Crisis
5 Organizations Fighting Against Hunger
A Daily Struggle for Children in Need
Breaking the Cycle of Malnutrition
Children Experiencing Homelessness Face Malnutrition and Cognitive Impairment
Companies Fighting World Hunger
Controversy Surrounding SNAP Choices
Criminalizing Homelessness
Dissipating the Ignorance Surrounding the American Hunger Epidemic
Feeding the Hungry
Food Deserts
Food Insecurity in America
Food Waste and Convenience: What the Homeless Lose Out On

Georgia: The Poultry State Full of Hungry People
Global Food Sources and Unequal Distribution
Just for a Slice of Bread
Living on an Empty Stomach
Malnutrition Among the Homeless
Poverty Hunger Homelessness
Starvation Fixed with Obesity
The Big Picture
The Hunger Games
The Hunger in Children

Were in this Together
What Effects World Wide Hunger?
When the Cupboard is Always Bare
World Hunger- A Major Unattended Issue
World Hunger Epidemic

Illegal to be Homeless

Acceptance of LGBTQ Children: A General Discussion
Emotional Impact of Prejudice... LGBTQ Community
Homelessness Among LGBT+ Youth
LGBT and Homelessness
LGBTQAI+ Society Being Homeless Because Their Families Kicked Them Out
LGBTQ Children Rejected by Their Parents
LGBTQ+ and Homeless: A Growing Correlation
LGBTQ+ Communities and Homelessness
Love Me for Who I Am
Negative Mental Health Effects.... LGBTQ Community
The Homelessness Crisis Of LGBTQ Youth

Mental Health
A Brief History of How Mental Illness is Handled In America
A Hidden Cause of Homelessness: Mental Illness
Coping w/ Clinical Depression: A Naturopathic Approach
How Mental Illness Contributes to Homelessness
I’m Sick, and There’s No Place to Call Home
Mentally Home or Physically Home. What's the Difference?
Mental Illness and the Chronically Homeless
Mental Illness or…  Social Illness
No Sympathy for the Mentally Ill Homeless
Obsessed: How OCD Can Make You Chase Friendships
Schizophrenia: The Delusions Behind the Existence
The Cyclical Rut of the Mentally Ill and Homeless

The Growing Rate of Suicide in the United States
The Link Unbroken Between Autism and Homelessness

The Mental Effects of Hunger
Those Who Suffer
Treating Mental Illness and the State of Homelessness
Where Do We Draw The Line ...People Who Are Different

Natural Disasters
Hurricanes and Homelessness
Natural Disasters Contribute To Homeless Population
The Guatemalan Tragedy
Join the Fight against Hunger
Organizations that Help the Homeless
Tale of a Paranoid Donor
The Government Shutdown and our Food Crisis
Tiny Homes for Big Problems

Are Homeless Pet Owners Reliable?
Homeless with Pets

Examining The Harsh Cycle of Poverty and its Effects
No Safe Way to Fall: America’s Declining Social Safety Net
Public Transportation: An Additional Burden on Poor

The Importance of Warming Centers

Social Media
Representation of the Homeless on Social Media

Substance Abuse
A Bumpy Road To Recovery: Overcoming Substance Abuse While Homeless
Abuse of Over-the-Counter Drugs in Schools
Destigmatizing Drug Abuse in the Homeless Population
Homeless→Drugs or Drugs→Homeless
Mental Health and Homelessness
Substance Abuse and Homelessness
The Battle Between Illegal Drugs and Homelessness
The Problem with Illegal drugs and Homelessness in America

The War on Homelessness: How the Stigma of Illegal Substance Abuse Negatively Impacts Homeless People
The Wrong Approach to Drugs

T's 4 Hope
T's 4 Hope Fundraiser

A Ray of Hope
A Ray of Hope for Veterans
From Deployment to Unemployment:.... So Many Veterans Homeless?
Housing Our Heroes
Military Sexual Trauma as a Risk Factor for Homelessness in Women Veterans
Returning to a War
The Tragedy of Wars
Veterans and Homelessness
We Owe it to Them

Gun Violence and Homelessness - The Lost Connection
Living the Nightmare

A Spoonful of Kindness
Feeding the Hungry: Why Volunteering is Crucial
Soup kitchens and food pantries and homeless shelters how they help during the holidays.
Soup Kitchens and Pantries: Not Just a Way to Volunteer During....
So, You Want to Hold a Food Drive
Volunteering Season Isn’t Just During the Holiday.....

Assessing the Impact of Homelessness on Academic Performance
Cudas Unhooked The Bridge to Success
Development in Children Experiencing Homelessness
Effects of Malnutrition on Child Development
Homeless and in College
Homeless Youth
Homeless Youth in America
Homelessness and Children
How Toxic Stress Affects Brain Development in Homeless Children
Malnutrition and Kids
In High School and Homeless…
Poor, Studying, and Avoiding COVID-19
Sexual abuse among children. Why children leave homes.

Teen Homelessness: An Unfortunate Occurrence
The Digital Divide and COVID-19
The Summer Surge

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