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“To Inspire & Give Hope to the Homeless and

the Hungry While Promoting the Creative Arts”

T's 4 Hope

Asks You To Help Us To Support &

Encourage Creativity,

Feed The Hungry,

Inspire The Homeless

Respect & Spread Hope, Peace and

Love To All Personkind Around The World!

Not all homeless people are drunks, drug addicts and felons.  Most of them have been inflicted with schizophrenia, paranoia disorders, personality disorder, mental illnesses, incest, rape, traumatic injuries, loss of employment, traumatic stress syndrome disorder, depression, loss of love ones, run away teens, home displacement, physical abuse and yes even our US Veterans, but we all judge the homeless as drunks, drug attics and felons.  But no matter what any of the above mentioned some less liked than others by the public don’t deserve to be eating out of trash cans, dumpsters, gutters and off the streets right in our backyard.  We go home at night and can eat dinner and sleep in our beds.  We are fortunate for this and we thank the Lord, if you believe in God or a spiritual force.  No matter what we consider ourselves as God’s Children, if this is the case then why are we letting our Brothers and Sisters eat out of dumpsters, garbage cans and the need to search for food.  I don’t know if you heard the news but Foodbanks are losing grant monies and/or the grant money is being reduced making it hard to feed the overwhelming of individuals and families.   Our mission at “T’s 4 Hope” is to utilize this program I have started to help those that are in need and/or help from the fortunate Brothers & Sisters out there in the world, at the same time promote the arts.  If you can please help us then visit our "T's 4 HOPE'S ONLINE SHOP" page.  If you can’t, then please at least spread the word, by telling your family, friends, co-workers and better than that, post this website "" on your social media outlets…let the world help us all out in this journey. We are in this together and it is our responsibility to treat all God’s Children as equals.

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