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I was inspired to create this line of artwork, to spread the word to ALL Human Beings.  That we are all equal in God’s Eyes.  We should treat others in the same matter.  With so much negativity in Our World, we need to spread these positive basic concepts even more, now.  So if you believe in these positive words, giving to us by Our God.  Then help me share God’s Love with Everyone, No Matter What Beliefs you have. 

Sean R. Mattingly  1/22/2012







SEAN RUSSELL MATTINGLY, 954.546.0267 or 800.674.6163

T’s 4 Hope, Founder

SRM Graphics & Printing, Owner & Graphic Designer

Business Website:


I wrote the words above in 2012, well now it is 2016, has things gotten better….some may say yes, some will say no and some will say somewhat.  


First a little about me.   Born in Hartford Connecticut on March, 17th 1960, Sean Russell Mattingly has developed a solid foundation in advertising as a talented Graphic Artist.  Sean was brought up in Bloomfield Connecticut and graduated from Bloomfield High School in 1979.  He went on to further his education by attending Morse School of Business studying business and computers.  After he graduated Sean’s first graphic design job was at U-Design.  U-Design started at the beginning of the Desktop Publishing era. Over the years Sean has held positions as a Graphic Designer, Art Director, Manager and Teacher in the creative craft of Graphic Design.  Sean has been in the business since his mentor Bill Tchadkirides took him under his wing in 1986, and, for him, this is an iconic look that stands the test of time.  Now Sean resides in Broward County, Florida and opened his  business SRM Graphics & Printing since April 2010.


In 2012 Sean started putting together inspirational themes to be printed on T-shirts.  At that time it was solely for profit.  Sean put the project on hold for a couple of years, for numerous of reasons.  Last year Sean re-visited this project.   Sean thought why not let the t-shirts do something more positive than just spread inspirational themes throughout the world.  What if the t-shirts could do more?  Sean over the years has been disgusted with the lack of care for homeless people and families struggling to feed themselves or their families and children.  Sean has started a fundraiser named “T’s 4 Hope”.  T’s 4 Hope raises money by offering a gift of t-shirts if donation has been met by the donators guide lines with inspirational sayings to help local food banks, helps feed the homeless and other various organizations. 


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