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Raise money to fight Hunger & Homelessness. 

Can be used to help other worthy causes as well in the future.

These t-shirts make Great Gifts and at the same time you will be helping someone out.


~Breakdown of your gift are: 

T-Shirts are printed when ordered, packaging and shipping = $18.75 each.

Remaining $16.25 goes towards either to Food Gift Cards or is donated to Local Food Banks, Homeless Shelters and/or Soup Kitchens to be handed out to those in need.  

Our Expenses in the Future  Include:  Domain name/website services, 501(c)(3) application, T-Shirt Printer (named AnaJet $20,000) and misc. expenses.

T's for Hope is building a base to operate sustainably as a 501c3 nonprofit. We are working on building our infrastructure and plan as we work to meet all requirements for tax exemption status. With changes in IRS tax code imminent, we regret at this time your financial assistance is not tax deductible. We will still issue an Annual Report and follow GASB accounting procedures. Your support is much appreciated by all of us at T's 4 Hope as this is a mission from our heart.


~T-Shirt selection are found under “T's 4 HOPE'S ONLINE SHOP” on our website. 

Also check out: "Custom T-shirt Designs"

~There is a limit of one t-shirt per $35.00 gift.   Example: If your gift is $105.00 you get to choose 3 different t-shirts, unless you choose not to. 

~Please note any gifts under $35.00 are much appreciated as well just click on donate button on the HOME page and we Thank You!


T’s 4 Hope will take gifts after expenses, production of T-shirts and shipping have been taken care of and then T’s 4 Hope will purchase $25.00 Grocery Store Food Gift Cards and/or $20.00 Fast Food Chain Restaurants Gift Cards.  These gift cards are specially programmed for us because, they can’t be used for anything else but food. 


T’s 4 Hope will then take the $25.00/$20.00 Gift Cards that only food can be bought on them and distribute the cards at Low Income Families, Food Banks, Soup Kitchens, Homeless Shelters, and Homeless people on the streets. 


T’s 4 Hope prints T-Shirts with the Writer’s, Artist’s and Photographer’s original creative work.


Volunteers Welcomed:

Writers donate original short inspirational writings (approximately 15 words or less)

Artist & Graphic Designers donate original illustrations

Photographers donate their original photographs.

These t-shirts make Great Gifts and at the same time you will be helping someone out.

~We appreciate any amount you can donate. We except donations as low as $1.00.  See Donate button on our HOME page and GoFundMe Link on Home page.

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