Importance of Thanksgiving for the Homeless and Underprivileged

Allison Armijo Historically known as a time for giving thanks and appreciates important people, Thanksgiving is a gratitude-filled day that knows no bounds. From hand-drawn turkeys to cooking up the actual birds, Thanksgiving reigns special important in choice communities. Although that seems like a vague statement, some people appreciate Thanksgiving more than others. A couple of the most appreciative communities include that of the homeless and underprivileged. This may seem ironic to some because although those groups generally have few material values to feel thankful for, their cherish personal bonds more than people of the aristocratic communities, historically. Although this may not b

Homeless During the Holidays

Stephanie Stinnett For many the holidays are a time of love and happiness. You spend the days with your families eating food and opening gifts. This isn’t the case for everyone, though. Often times those living in the streets or in shelters don’t get a holiday, so what do they do on holidays? Mary, whose name has been changed to protect her identity, left her husband when she was 30 years old and moved to New York City with her three-year-old daughter. Her first holiday in New York City was Thanksgiving and she spent it by sending her daughter to visit her sister. Mary said, “I couldn't handle being around a bunch of people who would judge me for my choices and blame me for putting my daught

Negative Mental Health Effects of Discrimination in the LGBTQ Community

By: Allison Armijo If though they do not feel vulnerable enough, the LGBTQ community is constantly discriminated against in more ways than one. This multi-platform abuse is difficult to discern, leading to silent screams for help with no answers. If that does not seem bad enough, the people suffering from this hate often have no outlets, no people to run to, or if they do, very few. Now, this is not to label the LGBTQ community as unsupported in any way, it is just more common than not that people who reside within those boundaries are misunderstood and therefore not accepted by welcoming arms by their peers. This is not the case for everywhere, but it is common in locations where prejudic

The Ugandan Water Crisis

Stephanie Stinnett Clean water is something than many people take for granted, and it is one topic that I have a very special connection with is clean water in Uganda. My husband and I traveled to Uganda a little over three years ago to visit our sister parish, located in Southern Uganda, of our church. It was an eye-opening and amazing experience and I am so lucky to have gone. One thing that was evident upon visiting was the clean water crises. 61 percent of Ugandan’s do not have access to clean water, and 80 percent lack adequate sanitation. And many have to walk miles carrying 40lb. jerrycans filled with water that is filled with viruses and bacteria. Several of the children in one of th

Art in Struggling Communities

Allison Armijo Struggling communities, such as those who challenge to improve their conditions or make ends meet, often have difficult times expressing their emotions through words. This is because, just like many other prejudices and forms of discrimination, no one listens to them. However, with art, people living in drab conditions or even those who grapple with day-to-day problems, are able to express themselves in ways they never could with words. From the meanings of different colors to the delicacy or brutally of brush strokes, people in struggling communities find it effective to convey their emotions not verbally but using a paint brush or drawing utensil. Overall, art helps struggli

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