Effect of Art on the Homeless Population

Allison Armijo Art is a form of self-expression that works to heal people mentally, physically, and spiritually. Art also takes on many forms, allowing people to appreciate and admire whatever strikes their interest. Additionally, the positive effects art has on people are endless. In fact, one of the most prominent communities that art affects is the homeless population. Often at doubts both with themselves and the world, homeless people are able to work out their emotions through art; a process that is so strikingly effective and beautiful that it leaves most awe-stricken. An article titled Art Messaging as a Medium to Engage Homeless Young Adults Art Messaging as a Medium to Engage Homele

Homeless with Pets

Stephanie Stinnett For some people, pets are their family. When times get hard sometimes those pets are all they have. I have seen many homeless with their pets, and I often carry treats around with me to give to any homeless pets that I see, with their owner’s permission of course. So, what is it like for a homeless pet? What do they do for food or when they get sick? Approximately five to ten percent of homeless people have dogs and/or cats, and in some areas of the country the rate is as high as 25 percent. Many of the homeless population with pets have to choose between sleeping on the streets or giving up their best friend because many shelters do not accept pets. And for some people th

The Effect of the Holidays on Homelessness

By: Allison Armijo While the holidays, Christmas especially, normally mean family time and baking cookies, the evenings are not always jolly for all. Some people, especially those in the homeless community, not only have to fare for themselves in the below-average temperatures, but also (most likely) spend the holiday away from loved ones or out of reach of those they appreciate. However, it is important to stay positive and thank those who do help the homeless communities this time of year. Although some are ashamed or even reluctant to receive the help and attention, it does help - even in the smallest of ways. Gordon C. Nagayama Hall, author of article, “Homeless for the Holidays,” explai

Pregnancy and Homelessness

written by: Stephanie Stinnett Expecting a baby can be a stressful time, even if you do everything “right.” You have the support of your partner and your family to lean on, and a warm, loving home to bring the baby to after they’re born. But what about the women who have no home, or no permanent, home to take their new baby to? Unfortunately, pregnancy and homelessness is something that happens in our world, and it has significant impact on the mental health of the mothers who are experiencing it. A study in 2006 estimated that between 6-22% of all homeless women were pregnant. This study only sampled women who were between the ages of 16 and 19, so it is likely much higher than the percenta

Teen Homelessness: An Unfortunate Occurrence

By: Allison Armijo Teenage years should be for learning, growing, and exploring one’s identity. Many people do not realize that all teenagers are not magically handed this opportunity. And on top of that, most do not recognize that the very concept of “teenage years” is and forever will be unknown to many children. This epidemic of destroyed childhoods and dismal situations is the fault of none other than homelessness. Although the overall topic of homelessness is widely talked about in the media and sympathized for by the general population, many fail to recognize a specific group of homeless who lose more than just a place to sleep. This group is homeless teens. The concept of youth homele

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