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In today's day & age people tend to look down on others with disabilities, and some just have good words to say on how sad it is there in such a position, and how fortunate enough they aren't faced with certain disabilities. Now with that being said, can we check ourselves deep down to see if we truly do care about the disabled. And if so from what position and to what limits. It's Not About looking cool for anyone or trying hard to be nice. I must admit I'm an individual where days I am completely reclusive but still keep a heart that understands some things in life. This world is hard enough to survive in with both legs and arms working. Let's check our position's & limits and i

See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil

Sisters Uncut is an organization dedicated to opposing ‘cuts’ in government help for domestic abuse victims. In one instance, they were approached for help by a young lady with three children—all of whom were abused by her husband. The lady pleaded for help because the government had deemed it ‘reasonable’ for her to return to her lodgings. They refused to help her because she already had a place to live, completely overlooking the eminent danger lurking inside her home. Only when Sisters Uncut made this ruling public and consistently contacted councilors did they admit their decision was wrong. But how many other cases like this exist? Women that are forced to flee their homes because of an


Violence amongst people has been something in our history for a long time. Domestic Abuse is an act sad to say won't go away either. Most kids who come from these households end up in foster care, runaways or carry the same behavior they witnessed in the home. The only solution to a problem like this is to get the courage & mind to get help. Between 960 thousand to 3 million incidents of domestic violence are reported each year, while many other incidents go unreported. It's estimated more than 10 million people experience domestic violence in the U.S. each year. This crime deals specifically with the Psychology in the relationship. But only the victim can blow their own whistle and say it's

Malnutrition: An Everlasting Cycle of Hardship

Feb 10 | Vatsalya Verma In most people’s minds, the term “malnutrition” usually is associated with third-world countries. However, malnutrition affects approximately 13 million children on our own soil. According to the organization No Kid Hungry, 1 in 6 kids in our country may not have access to healthy, or even much food at all. Overweight children can also fall victim to malnutrition; it may seem like they have more than enough calories to consume, but if these calories do not contain the right balance of nutrients, their health may still be severely compromised. Infants who do not obtain proper nutrition during their fundamental years of development can be at risk for weak immune systems


Mental illness is a problem most people face for many reasons: PTSD, rape victims, bad upbringing, addiction, abuse or victims of being bullied. The real problem is how the victims receive treatment. Some get proper care while others don't. This opens the door to self-hate, becoming antisocial, obnoxious, suicidal thoughts, depression & sometimes death. While there's a deeper issue, my suggestion on how to fix it is simple: Face it. Encourage one or others to learn about how letting people, place & things, and how they stemmed from a negative environment. While intensifying our mental clarity process, as well as educating one another the significance of not only taking control of your thoug

I’m Sick, and There’s No Place to Call Home

Written by Angelina Lee As of 2019, nearly 1% of the American population is homeless. That is a total of five hundred fifty-three thousand people with nowhere to go, and likely nothing to eat. The US Department of Housing and Urban Development found that over five hundred thousand people are homeless on any given night. Employment that would lead to a permanent housing situation is extremely difficult to come by for these individuals as twenty-five percent of them are mentally ill. Mental illness is, and has been, a major cause of homelessness. Among its effects are irrational actions, which would lead to strained relationships, which will affect the individual’s performance in a profession


What are some of the basic needs of a human being? water, clothes, love, food and shelter to protect yourself and loved ones. Being homeless is difficult when there's no forewarning. who knows when life's going to throw them a curveball ? Where you're faced with this circumstance. We in the community have a way we can help the homeless no matter from what angle we choose. T's 4 hope helps raise money for the homeless by selling custom T-Shirts to help fund food drives, soup kitchens and awareness for the homeless. If your a person of the community that understands hardships and would like to make a change, donate to our Go Fund Me page and follow us on all platforms to see your difference Pe

Youth Homelessness: A Global Issue that Continues to Grow

By Vatsalya Verma Twenty-three percent of homeless people are under the age of eighteen and nine percent are between the ages of eighteen and twenty-four according to the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) (2015). The American Psychological Association (APA) reported that between seven and eight percent of twelve to twenty-year-old youths spend a minimum of one night per year in a shelter (2009). The APA also reported that although poverty can be one of the contributing factors to homelessness among this population, the causes can vary (2009). Family conflict can often lead to adolescent homelessness (APA, 2009). Some youths may choose to leave because of sexual

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