Food Banks: What They Really Need

Allison Armijo Food banks need food; after all, that statement is in the title. However, do food banks need all types of food? Many people do not realize that although food banks are in great need of food, they do have certain foods in mind that would bolster their message or even just help them achieve a certain goal. While that may seem obscure, food banks are not grocery stores. It is important to recognize that while such places do welcome donations and victuals, some items are more cherished than others. One important way to make sure a donation is welcome is to check the website of the targeted food bank. This idea is outlined in an article on Today’s Parent, which explains some of the

The Government Shutdown and our Food Crisis

By: Stephanie Stinnett Chances are that if you’ve read or watched the news lately you’ve heard about the government shutdown that is looming over our country at the moment. Federal workers, 450,000 of them, are forced to work without pay. Soon federal programs like WIC and food stamps, that millions rely on, will be affected as well. Due to the overwhelming number of federal workers who have now gone without pay for a month, food banks are starting to become strained. If food stamps are affected during the shutdown that will put even more strain on the already struggling food banks. Currently food banks across the state of North Carolina receive a portion of their supplies through the USDA p

Organizations that Help the Homeless

By: Allison Armijo Many do not realize that homelessness is an oppressive issue which affects a myriad of people every day. Of course, communities are aware of homelessness as a societal weight, but most do not understand the effort and dedication that goes into improving this issue. That is not to say that people are ignorant or blind to this problem; it is just a problem of awareness, but not an awareness of homelessness - an awareness of the importance of organizations that help the homelessness and their unwavering dedication to helping those less fortunate. Organizations that help the homeless communities are prevalent in everyday society, in everyday communities. These groups each shar

Malnutrition and Kids

By: Rachael McCollum When my adopted little brother first came to our home, he was suffering from malnutrition. There is a period of time in our family photos where you can tell he is recently adopted because his limbs are so small and weak. There is another period shortly afterward where you can see him grow and gain strength because my family got into the habit of feeding him every time he so much as whimpered. My brother was lucky because he got into a situation where he was able to be fed and be fed properly. He was able to gain his strength back and he does not suffer from any long-term consequences of this early malnourishment. Many children are not so lucky. “Under-nutrition is one of

The Importance of Warming Centers

by Stephanie Stinnett A warming center is a place where the homeless can go during the cold winter nights to receive shelter. This is a temporary shelter when the temperatures drop to freezing or there is some combination of windchill and rain or snow. Their primary goal is to reduce the hypothermia related deaths among the homeless population. Some shelters even allow pets, though the policy will vary by shelter. Warming shelters play a very important role in keeping the homeless, specifically the elderly, warm and safe during the cold winter nights. Many warming centers also provide a hot meal to the homeless and hot drinks. Even if that hot meal is only a bowl of soup and some tea, they d

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