One Festival of Homeless Arts

Written by: Yasmine Toure One night, I was laying in my bed and started thinking about how Arts helped the homeless. Arts is a field that have been used for centuries to denounce social injustices. Indeed, artists used their poems, songs and paintings to denounce wars, slavery, or hunger. However, I had never seen anything that approaches the homeless situation. I decided to make my research about contemporary Arts that denounce the homeless situation in the world. I found the “One Festival of Homeless Arts.” This festival was created by David Tovey, a British artist, but also a former homeless. The festival happens once every year in different of Great Britain. Unfortunately, it has been ca

Children Experiencing Homelessness Face Malnutrition and Cognitive Impairment

Written By: Ashley Stalnecker Picture a typical class of 30 students in an Elementary School. Now, imagine that one of those students is fighting a silent battle with homelessness. According to the American Institutes for Research, one in every 30 children in the United States is homeless. That adds up to 2.5 million children that are homeless in the United States each year. The lack of income, limited food storage possibilities and limited choice of food are only some of the disadvantages of being homeless that lead to malnutrition. Malnutrition is defined by the World Health Organization as deficiencies, excesses or imbalances in a person’s intake of energy or nutrients. Children who are e

What Effects World Wide Hunger?

By: Ava Framm Hunger is not something that just affects Americans; it is a global issue that, despite numbers dropping within the last twenty years, still affects over 800 million people. Global hunger is due in part to environmental and socioeconomic factors. Our world population continues to grow, especially in areas that already struggle to provide food for their societies. So the question remains; how does it get this bad? What factors occur that allow for millions of people to fall asleep at night with empty stomachs? In 2017, the United Nations (UN) humanitarian chief, Stephen O’Brien, called global hunger the worst humanitarian issue to affect our world since 1945. Global hunger occur

Giving Like a Billionaire

Written By: Karah Lindsey Billionaires are often featured in the news for their gigantic donations. People watch and read with fascination and sometimes envy as millions and billions of dollars are donated to their cause of choice. Then, some people praise the donation while others criticize. They wonder if billionaires could give more because sometimes, the amounts they give are a relatively low percentage of their estimated net worth. They also raise questions about how cost-efficient the cause donated to is. According to an article by Business Insider, The United States of America’s top 10 richest people only gave 0.94% of their net worth in 2018, or approximately $7.51 billion dollars, w

Homelessness During This Pandemic, What is Being Done?

Blog by: Layla Nahavandi The lives of homeless people are no less important than the well-endowed, but are their lives being protected as they should be in a time of dangerous virality? When the pandemic began, the homelessness crisis was at a high point, and it continues to grow as more and more people lose income and livelihoods due to quarantines. Homeless people aren’t able to practice social distancing, as living in packed groups, whether it be in shelters or outside, allow the virus to spread easily. So I wonder, what is being done to help this marginalized group? Recently, Trump distributed $3 billion in aid in order to create emergency shelters and increase testing in homeless popula

Help for Homeless Who Live in Broward County, Florida

Blog by: Yasmine Toure You live in Broward County in Fort Lauderdale, FL and need physical or financial assistance? This article is for you. Communities do their best to help those in need and here is a list for those who live in Broward County. I will start my list with daytime shelters. Silver Impact and St. Laurence Chapel can help you by providing you clothes and shower facilities. The Chapel is also a legal address for those who need one. They can receive mail there. There are also hospital emergency facilities in every part of the county. Some examples are Holy Cross Hospital, Broward Health Coral Springs, Broward Health Imperial Point, and Northwest Medical Center. They provide fast s

We Shouldn’t Judge People Who Have Been In Prison

Written By: Katherine Brown *Note: this article is not referring to sex offenders, murderers, or domestic violence inmates Do you remember a bad decision you made when you were 17? Try to think of the worst possible thing that you did. Now, can you imagine being continuously judged for that one bad decision you made when you were 17 - even into your adult life? That would be a complete nightmare, and hopefully, we’ve all been able to move on relatively well from our mistakes in the past. However, this nightmare is a reality for prison inmates. They don’t have the luxury of “moving on” from their mistake. Their whole life centers around one bad decision they made when they were younger. They

The War on Homelessness:

How the Stigma of Illegal Substance Abuse Negatively Impacts Homeless People By: Ava Framm Mental illness, substance abuse, and homelessness are cyclical: each contributes to the others. Altogether, they make up a large stigma of fear and distrust in non-homeless Americans. Those that have both a mental illness and substance abuse have what is called a “dual diagnosis,” and the byproduct is a lethal cycle of dependency. Most people who walk by a homeless person automatically assume two things: they are not actively seeking employment, and they are taking drugs. Due to the rising number of homeless people, the second statement is true. According to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Dev

Incarceration and Homelessness: A Vicious Cycle

Andrew Stahl Known to some as the “jail to homelessness pipeline,” formerly incarcerated individuals continue to struggle to secure housing after their release. In addition, felons are also more likely to be homeless prior to being incarcerated, often because of petty crimes associated with homelessness like loitering. This can lead to a vicious circle, in which homeless people are incarcerated, leading to even more difficulties in securing housing and employment, compounding their homelessness and likelihood of being incarcerated yet again. This idea is well-supported by the statistics on formerly incarcerated individuals. According to the Prison Policy Initiative, felons are 10 times more

LGBTQ+ and Homeless: A Growing Correlation

By Preston Saunders The LGBTQ+ community is well-known for their dedication and support for one another, achieving multiple milestones in the past decade that have helped to cement their equal standing in society. However, there is a long road ahead when it comes to maintaining their inherent human rights. Systemic discrimination is at an all time high, especially in America, and inequality comes in all forms. LGBTQ+ youth especially lack equal footing and struggle with issues like homelessness, mental health, and invisibility in the eyes of policymakers. LGBTQ+ youth are disproportionately affected by homelessness, holding a 120% higher rate than straight and cisgender youth. Almost a third

Treating Mental Illness and the State of Homelessness

Ashley Stalnecker It’s often hard to say whether the mental illness or the homelessness came first as the relationship between the two is often a two-way street. However, one thing is clear. Mental illness and homelessness are intrinsically related and should not be ignored. Almost half of the homeless population is cited with having any mental illness and a quarter of the population are reported to have a serious mental illness according to the Brain & Behavior Research Foundation. In contrast, in 2016 approximately 4 percent of U.S. adults reported having a serious mental illness. Whether the mental illness is a factor in an individual’s homelessness or a result of it, mental illness is fa

I Don’t Think They Need Help, They Look Like They Have Money

Yasmine Toure Sometimes, the requirements to receive food stamps from the government or the states are rigorous. Some people are in need, but because the income that they have is higher than the requirements, they will not receive the help they need. I remember that one day, in my Anthropology class, we watched a documentary about hunger. In this documentary, a young woman had to stay unemployed if she wanted to feed her two children. Indeed, when she was unemployed, she received food stamps, but did not have enough money to pay for her bills. Months later, she found a job and her children were not eligible anymore to receive free food at school because of her income. She had to provide all

Being an Extrovert in a Time of Isolation

By Alexandra Howe During this time of great upheaval: Covid-19, race riots, curfews and extensions of stay at home orders have the intention of helping the greater good of society but what happens to the people on an individual level? For many, this time means total isolation from the people they care about most. For some, isolation does not mean anything significantly different than their normal lives perhaps because they truly enjoy the prospect of alone time. For so many others the lack of social interaction means an inevitable road to an uncontrollable sadness. As an extrovert by nature isolation means there is very little potential to derive energy from friends, family and day to day in

The Special Challenges of the Elderly Homeless

Andrew Stahl Homelessness among the elderly has been on the rise and presents policy makers and social services with special challenges which are not present in younger homeless individuals. In 2014, over 31% of the nation’s homeless population, or about 306,000 people, was over 50 years old, according to the New York Times. The number of homeless over 50 seems to be on the rise, for a variety of reasons. One is the aging of the previously homeless population: as Baby Boomers grow older, the number of previously homeless over 50 also rises. Another factor is people who become homeless for the first time when they are elderly, often from the high cost of housing, economic downturns, and medic

"Tune In and Stand Up to Speak Out"

Watching the news or going on social media these past few days, it is impossible not to be reminded of the incredible injustice that is going on in our nation. But people are stepping up to take a stand against the systemic racism that has plagued our nation for generations upon generations. Many people wonder what to do, and there is an important first step: ask. In this society, no matter how it seems, no one is expected to be born knowing exactly what is going on at every moment. Right now, there is no excuse not to educate yourself once you realize you do not know what is going on with such easy access to the internet and social media. There are countless videos, articles, movies, news b

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