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Mental illness is a problem most people face for many reasons: PTSD, rape victims, bad upbringing, addiction, abuse or victims of being bullied. The real problem is how the victims receive treatment. Some get proper care while others don't. This opens the door to self-hate, becoming antisocial, obnoxious, suicidal thoughts, depression & sometimes death. While there's a deeper issue, my suggestion on how to fix it is simple: Face it. Encourage one or others to learn about how letting people, place & things, and how they stemmed from a negative environment. While intensifying our mental clarity process, as well as educating one another the significance of not only taking control of your thought process but sustaining it at a level to where one can set a goal focus and watch their results manifest in front of them. Nobody's perfect, we’re not all the same but we're all living in the same mental obstacles.

Peace Love & T's 4 Hope to All

Written by: KiidInk


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