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The corona virus has found its way into our society, and our homeless within the communities

are dealing with the short end of the stick at a higher rate. We constantly hear about safety

procedures and ways to keep clean, while the homeless are stranded outside susceptible to this

virus. President Trump has issued orders for testing availability across the country, and as part

of the press conferences for the virus, he's stated that he would be waiving the interest on

student loans held by the federal government for as long as the emergency is in effect, also

proposing to send direct cash payments to qualified Americans to help with the economic

headache of the virus at this time, this stimulus package between the White House and Capitol

Hill has an estimate to be around $1 trillion dollars, making it one of the largest federal

emergency packages ever assembled.

We still have homeless people living in parks, bus stations and the outskirts of society. Are there

any executive orders to place more beds and sanitation products in shelters so more doors can

be open for the homeless? I think not. any executive orders to open abandoned facilities and

buildings across the country to house the homeless during this pandemic??? I think not.

Stay safe, clean and aware during covid-19 as well as moving forward.

Peace Love & T's 4 Hope To All.

Kiid Ink


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