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The Incompetent Twins

There's a red flag to be waived in this country, and it's in regard to drug abuse & homelessness.

It's clear this system benefits off of the labor of prisoners, and the greedy pipeline's in the

medical field. They've created a new bucket, and its mishandling funds that should be helping

homeless victims going through drug abuse issues. The homeless in this situation are mentally

broken, being hooked on any drug that disables you to position yourself to earn a sufficient

income while maintaining your standard of living is a sign of incompetence. On the other hand

we see some state officials receiving funds for homeless programs but are handling distribution

poorly, while pocketing what's leftover, this is the second twin of incompetence I feel, due to the

fact that they haven't shown they are able to successfully open rehabilitation programs for

homeless citizens dealing with drug abuse is pathetic on any & every level you can fathom,

We should keep some words of wisdom for those dealing with these issues, and keep our

binoculars on officials claiming they care, all the while with no action in effect to validate their


Peace, Love & T's 4 Hope to All.

Written by: Kiid Ink


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