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How do we live in a country that's shortsighted on seeing the importance of a sustainable prescription budget? Where it leaves a fraction of our citizens having to decide, whether to buy

food or pick up medication. It's an ugly situation that's growing within the country. My premise on how people can afford both is simple. If you're facing this situation provide your income details and gain immediate qualification to receive a 50-75% discount on your prescription. In terms of feeding yourself, you should qualify for EBT approval no questions asked. We as a people should stand up for ideologies as such, because it's clearly unfair to half to pick whether to eat one day or pick up some medicine. If we had loved ones dealing with this or if we were in this situation, we'd want a chance to see things change. Everyone doesn't live high class to afford both, and it's yet to be considered within legislation, I'll end on that note.

Peace Love & T's 4 Hope To All.

By: Kiid Ink


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