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To Have the Imagination of a Child

Written by Angelina Lee

When was the last time you were encouraged to color, or to doodle with crayons? The answer to that for most is, sadly, not since first grade. As we grow up in society and learn more rules and laws, creativity and original thought is more and more discouraged. Without any thought to create, it will be easier to assimilate into society and to fit in. Yet now more than ever, it is important to have art in you and to create it: here’s why.

Besides being adorable, children are known for having a big imagination. If a child drew a unicorn that they claimed to have seen earlier that day, adults simply praise them emptily. If a child dreams of being a singer or even the president, adults will laugh it off, attributing their words to those of an ignorant kid. But why have adults, who have integrated into already established society, learned to ignore creativity?

It’s because society teaches us to forget about our creativity and to simply take the easy way out: to study math and become an accountant, rather than pursue your singing hobby. It’s encouraged to study subjects like history and engineering, and harder to pursue a career in the arts. Parents, who are supposed to support their children, also discourage them from trying to become an artist because they have become experts on how society runs. They know with the currently established societal norms, it is easier to just go with the flow and not stand out.

However, standing out and being creative is actually beneficial. Creativity is not just limited to drawing and singing. Did Steve Jobs and Bill Gates become millionaires by going to school and accepting a cubicle job? No; they had aspirations and dreams, and they chased them no matter how far away they seemed. Steve Jobs, though known for a short temper, was also famous for his leadership skills and charisma. His bright and creative mind drew people to him and also drew up fantastic ideas that bloomed into the conglomerate known today as Apple. He didn’t accomplish that by simply sitting in a classroom and taking notes.

Many young adults feel despair and listless with the direction of their lives before even reaching the age of thirty. They graduate from college, get a normal office job, settle down, and feel empty and void of the happiness they thought they would achieve. This could all be due to a lack of creativity; the joy of creation that many people are trained to forget forever leaves a gaping hole inside of us. If we would all remember what it was like to be a child, to live in a big world filled with infinite possibilities and outcomes, even those who feel their lives are aimless can look forward to waking up again.


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