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T's 4 Hope

T's 4 Hope is an organization operating as a nonprofit, under the umbrella and guidance of Urban Rascals Global Foundation’s a non-profit organization. That is trying to help all people dealing with Homelessness, Forgotten Veterans and Low-Income Families that deal with the day to day of acquiring basic daily needs like food and resources, by supplying those with Food/Grocery Gift Cards. If you or anyone you know that cares about these situations, feel free to donate what you can (Go Fund Me link is on our site:, any help is much appreciated when hunger plays a role. It has been a good exercise to write on these topics, I've been fortunate enough to meet people of all backgrounds, and have come to the realization we all face struggles but it's at your discretion if you choose to stay there. If any reader wishes to reach out to me about these topics or anything, feel free to email me at:, I hope everyone is staying safe during these pandemic times, and realizes the importance of good decision making with their selves and staying clean.

Peace, Love & T's 4 Hope to All.

Kiid Ink


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