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Stand Up Against Injustice

Blog by: Alexandra "Alex" Howe

The tides of change have been flowing with incredible force lately, but not everyone who has been subjected to poor treatment have been represented. The structure of law enforcement is under great scrutiny right now due to the disproportionally unjust treatment, and oftentimes brutal treatment toward the African American population, however the African American population are not the only population suffering at the hands of law enforcement. While there is

no doubt that the African American population needs to be at the forefront of reform conversations, other disenfranchised groups also need to be recognized.

Use of force incidents are on the rise not only between the black population and police but also

between the homeless population and police. There are nearly 600,000 homeless people in the

United States, and that population in particular needs help in gaining the representation among

this movement that other more empowered groups are able to obtain. As people continue to

speak out, I hope they can give a voice to the homeless population as well.

As these reforms begin to take place there need to be measures in place to make sure every

single group that has been subject to poor treatment are observed in the making of changes.

Homeless people in particular need help making their voice heard. Homeless persons are more

frequently victims of serious or violent crimes in shelters and camps, however more often than

not are represented as the perpetrators of such crimes. One of the major issues currently being

brought up by the protesters against police brutality, is the low rate of crimes being solved in

proportion to the funding given to police departments. While the push persists to initiate

change, we should consider all people who would benefit from this change. When restructuring

law enforcement takes place, and funding is redirected, some of that funding could

dramatically change the lives of so many individuals from all different walks of life.

While we as a population start to stand up against injustice, we should remember all of the

groups that suffer, including the homeless population that may not be able to thoroughly

represent themselves.

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