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Sexual abuse among children. Why children leave homes.

Children are some of the purest things on this earth. Brought here due to others actions and they have to live through it. So, when cases come about when a child is hurt or getting hurt. It bothers me because they never truly asked to be born. They were brought about. By value they were supposed to be given the best. Bare minimum they should be promised happiness, or a chance to achieve it regardless of their status. They shouldn’t always have to fend off for themselves but in cases such as sexual abuse that’s what their life may consist of.

Fending off the people who hurt them or have caused them to feel a way that is undeniable is not okay. As a child, you don't want to have to fight every day for a life you didn't ask to be brought into but are being made to live. This is a reason why you will see children runaways and your mind may go, are they lost? Do they need help finding home? Or you may just assume they are misbehaving or did something that made their parents kick them out. In some of these cases it may be true but for some it's a case of home being the place they were most violated and had no sense of love, reassurance, or safety. Did you know that abuse of any kind is one of the top reasons children run away second and third, being parents separating, divorcing, or the arrival of a new stepparent and death in the family.

When you think back to your childhood, I would like to assume you can think of at least one thing that would actively happen and make you happy or that you just have overall good memories. If you don't then I’m sorry that you weren’t as fortunate as some or that you had a different lifestyle than others. You may understand what I'm saying a bit more than others for children that are sexually abused. That's their memories, nothing that made them happy or allowed them to be themselves just fending off for themselves and trying to stay sane. Those children had to realize the darkest parts of the world before they could even fully understand themselves. That's something that can mentally and physically damage them on different levels. They can't get that time back, all the time they spent fighting for their life and coping with what they went through. That's lost time in the worst time possible.

All that I can ask is that if you suspect something or just think someone is different from children in that way, you try to see what's wrong in that instant. It may be hard to get it out of the children, but you can try other ways to get them to talk if their voice is being held by an unwavering hand. Let it be making them draw it out or show it in toys. There is always a way to help and get to the final answer, as for who you believe is the perpetrator that requires a bit more work to fully figure it out without having the person get suspicious and run off.

I know people who are survivors of sexual abuse. I don't like to say victims because they lived through it even if it affects them today, they still lived through it. They are some of the strongest people I know because of their upcoming and work to get past their past. When I asked the survivors about how they feel they told me “It takes a different kind of strength to get past our past and move forward. Having what happened won't help erase it but going forward and trying your best to heal from it will keep you afloat”.

If you are a victim of sexual abuse and you are in fact a child or it happened when you were a child and it has made you have to leave home, want to apologize on behalf of everyone for not seeing what was happening and stepping in or looking more closely at the clues. I want you to know that you're in fact one of the strongest people on earth to be here and going through what happened is hard enough but to be young and still take yourself out of the situation without others help is something that no one can say that doesn't require strength. I hope that whoever it was gets dealt with and you get more peace or find your peace.


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