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Senior Citizens who are homeless

There is much to learn from our elders. There is a common saying, "been there, and done that," which is said to be true for the elderly. They have learned about life to have the ability to pass down those lessons to the youth. Unfortunately, many elderly persons are homeless. If the elderly have adult children, their children offer no support. Some of our elderly community have medical issues receiving no little to no help from the government. They can not fully support themselves physically, financially, and emotionally. The lessons, life's journeys, and the ability to teach the youth to learn from their mistakes contribute to the success of future generations.

Some elderly has worked their whole lives and yet, have found themselves homeless. If they receive social security, there is so little that they must choose between food and housing. Receiving social security for a healthy person is not sufficient to pay both rent and food but imagine a person with medical issues. The people with medical problems suffer from their health, a stable and secure home, and food supply.

According to sources, thirty percent of America's homeless population are elderly. This percentage continues to grow each year. Many are starting their retirements homeless. Some would call the years of retirement the "golden age"; however, for the elderly who are homeless, golden is not even close.

It seems as though rent is too expensive for the vast majority. Why is rent continuing to climb in price, and income received staying the same? There was a time where retirement was an exciting time for people. Now things have changed. For a person to live comfortably, they need to make 3 to 4 times amount their rent order to make ends meet. For the average person, this is not easy. It is not this simple, especially if employers are not paying enough. Social security still does not take into account the rent increase.

Has America let down its' senior citizens? It is safe to say there is work to be done to help those in need.

Written by Tasundra Stephens


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