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Poems I Wrote About Helping

doing nothing

i've never seen a hero like me in a sci-fi

so i wonder if your needs are even meant for me

hiding in your shadows hiding from yourself

mistaking fruit for fruit flies

out of the endless abandon and i come by

i save you like a hero in a sci-fi

but to save you i stain my hands and crush someone else leave them waiting under a dark night

stoking at the fire late, set the place alight

but the more i burn away that they earn from me

the more i pull away the more that they depend on me and the more you give me the more you want from me if i hate it’ll all just end in rustic stalemates

i bring you here with me now

drag me ‘cross the floor a little more, a little longer under your bed am i your hero or your monster

put out the fire late at night, tell me everything i do is right or i’ll wonder of your needs were meant for me

dry flowers

they don't love me now

not now i've set a fee

they say “its too much to allow”

i'm guess i'm stuck with me

they told me i grow smaller

i told them “water me”

i promise i can grow taller

they said “how much water do you need”

“one-hundred glass bottles”

but they leave me with flavorless tears

i sink into the ground. the end of the novel

i'm not something to fear. i sink beneath the earth. fossil

Written by, Moses Taylor


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