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Mentally Home or Physically Home. What's the Difference?

“Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls; the most massive characters are seared with scars.” — Kahlil Gibran

I feel as though this quote represents this article very well and I'm gonna be a little biased, I feel as though this article may as well be my favorite. Mental health is something that America and its generations are now starting to be more open about and speak more freely and openly about. There's still another subsection of it that's not talked about as much, the things that lead to bad mental health. There are so many different things that can lead to it but ill only mention two in this article and hopefully by the time you finish reading this you’ll be encouraged to look up the rest.

1. It's just a down spiraling mental health. Everyone has off days but with moderate, bad, or down spiraling mental health, it's more than just an “off day” nothing feels right and its almost as if you're stuck in this dark sappy place that has such a grip on you it's unimaginable to think about breaking out. When you have mental health that is just bad it's hard to focus on things such as school and work or even smaller things such as eating and remembering to drink water. Now to some these may seem small but they have big effects. Now when it comes to the bigger things when you have to fight every day to keep yourself mentally sane, this can get to the point where you no longer think about “Oh I need to be ready to pay rent” or “I need to go to work”. This is just one way that it can happen. There are many more but the main idea is how easy it is to forget things that may have a big and longtime effect, which can, in this case, lead you to be on the street and still fighting to regain your own body mentally.

2. Home is the source of the mental downfall. For some being at home can be the reason their mental health declines either rapidly or steadily, there can be many reasons as to why this happens. Let it be homelife is hard or the literal home holds energy that's too hard to handle, there's no one way for it to happen. For some being at home can feel like being somewhere with a bunch of people you may be blood-related to, but you share nothing in common with. On the other hand, it can be the literal house itself and its standing that may withhold a memory that can’t be erased that's causing the downfall.

Sometimes it can be something that's neither and it can just be everything turns left. The main point is that mental health is now being something that everyone is talking about more often. The reasoning as to why it happens or what can be some of the effects of it in this manner isn't as talked about, for a multitude of reasons, just remember you never know someone's true situation and just how much they had to overcome mentally to still be here it be on the streets or in a mansion.

Until next time, Niah (They/She)


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