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Mental Health and Homelessness: A Battle Within a War

In the year 2021, mental wellness could be considered one of the most important focuses for certain individuals. Even from an economic standpoint, Elizabeth Gulino writes that it is blossoming and becoming a popular thing among many. Considering the last 365 days in America can cause someone to prioritize mental health and wellness due to the COVID-19 pandemic as well as the influx of current events that took place. Not to discredit or undermine those who had to quarantine last year, but imagine the toil that homelessness brings on the mind. Mental health is important for the homeless, too.

The homeless deal with more physical issues such as extreme weather conditions and terrible sleeping arrangements much more than the average American citizen. The combination of physical extremities and mental lowliness creates a terrible recipe for the person on the street. New Horizons reports that mental health can have a massive effect on a homeless person’s use (or abuse) of drugs and alcohol as well. It is clear that the homeless struggle with many daily battles. The battle for sustenance, for food and water is a primary struggle. The battle for safety is one important focus. Among those is the battle for mental wellness. Homeless people face a battle within the war of their physical condition, and every part of it affects their day-to-day lives.

While meeting the physical needs of homeless people in your city is vital and should not cease as a priority, it is equally important in many cases to provide mental health help. Whether it be helping a homeless person go to rehabilitation or therapy, there are many things that would satisfy in them a desperate need for mental wellness.

By: Justin Bower


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