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Malnutrition and Children

You’ve seen the pictures and videos of the third-world child who looks starved practically to death. You’ve heard an American voice plead for what seems like a long time for a commercial for you to just give one dollar a day to feed malnourished children. But malnutrition in children is not merely something that happens overseas; this same phenomenon happens in some of the wealthiest streets in the world.

Malnutrition among the homeless is not something new or even surprising to conceive. As a result of malnutrition and extreme conditions, homeless people are more likely to become ill and their life span is much shorter, ranging between 42 and 52 years, according to Lonsdale. Clearly, one of the best ways to combat malnutrition in children (among other homeless people) is by donating foods and drinks that are high in nutrition and can offer a healthy diet for the consumer. Something as simple as donating fruit and Gatorade to a food pantry could provide many with the nutrition and vitamins, they need to stay healthy and build strength.

It truly is sad that so many children can see their own ribcage. Awareness of this tragedy is the first step, but the second follows closely after. Now it is clear, something must be done. I would implore you to think of what your kids would look like in this situation, but if you’re a parent, this is the first thing you thought about. If you don’t have kids, then you must appeal to your own personal experience of being hungry, magnify that about one hundred times, and try to think of that being how you feel every day. Sympathize with these children that are malnourished.

Be sure to click on T’s 4 Hope’s Help Page to become a part of the solution to such a heartbreaking problem.

Justin Bower


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