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Let’s Help Homeless Children!

Blog by: Yasmine Toure

Do you know how many children are homeless within the country? According to the National Center on Family Homelessness, around 2.5 million children are homeless in America each year, which means one child in every 30. Statistics do not only take in consideration only one part of the country, but all states and counties.

Children’s homelessness has numerous causes. The first one that explains it is parents’ homelessness. Indeed, some parents lose everything, including their jobs and houses. These parents do not want to abandon their children. They take them and as a result, all the family is homeless.

Another reason that explains that is that some parents abandoned their children in cities. Most of the time, these babies are taken by orphanages that take care of them. However, abandoned children, especially newborns, are not always taken care of. Some of them often die in outrageous conditions because of hunger.

Children’s homelessness is outrageous. Any child should not experience that. All children deserve to grow up in comfortable conditions surrendered by love, joy, and happiness.

If you know any child who is homeless, the Coalition for the Homeless has hotlines that are helpful. The link to access all the hotline required depending on the situation is

As residents of the US or simply as human, it’s our duty to let our hearts speak and help those in need to give them hope of a better future.


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