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Food Bank Crisis

By: Neil Sagare

Almost 33% of food banks have shut down lately, as indicated by the New York City Mission Society. Most if not all of them are due to the continuous long lasting battle against COVID 19.

Local food banks in New York City, which has become the focal point of the Covid flare-up, have shut down on the grounds that "they haven’t gotten food to distribute or they don’t have the volunteers to man them," Shafiroff told CNBC. She added that numerous volunteers who have halted their administration are in their 60s and 70s, making them high-hazard contenders to get the most serious type of the virus.

Also, New York has been an epicenter for COVID 19, therefore, the people in New York are staying at home and this leads to other things. Food donations are down, which implies food banks need to discover substitute approaches to secure a similar stream of supply. They've gone to buying food themselves utilizing bigger bits of their spending plans to get it going. The Community Food Bank of New Jersey, the state's biggest, shed around 800,000 pounds of food in March and April, CEO Carlos Rodriguez told CNBC. To compensate for any shortfall, the New Jersey food bank began purchasing food, spending an extra $945,000 every month since March.


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