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Discovering Mental Health and Homelessness

Mental health and homelessness are serious topics and discussions had around the world. These two subjects work for hand and hand. If a person is homeless, they will struggle with their mental health due to being unhoused. Much of the time, homeless people do not become homeless out of being lazy or incompetent. A lot of the time, the homeless were once very successful, and because of unfortunate circumstances, lost their livelihoods, their homes, and finally have become homeless. When a person is without a home, their mental health becomes compromised due to having to ask for money for their essentials. The poor treatment for those who are homeless, the lack of job opportunities due to not having a home address, and the constant battle to survive daily effects the mental health of homeless people.

According to sources in the United States,

" Among individuals experiencing homelessness, the numbers are direr —1 in 2 are unsheltered."

Minority groups are more likely to become unsheltered in the United States. Groups such as Pacific Islanders, Native, Black, and Latinxs, are those minority groups.

It is not surprising with the on-going Covid cases, gentrification amongst communities, and the workers pay to the living ratio, that many people can not afford to live. Employers are not paying well, and housing continues to climb every year. Food prices are growing, and yet, the most inexpensive foods available are a detriment to one's health. Places such as Mc Donald's have full meals for 2 dollars. Because health foods are expensive and chain fast food restaurants are cheap, the health climate in the United States continues to worsen. Many people are without health care due to how expensive health care is. The inability to pay for essentials such as housing, healthy food options, and the low wages contribute to the mental health of those who wish to live without the worries of surviving.

The negative stereotype for the homeless is a detriment to society. For some people living with family members is not an option. There is an ideology that a person is living on the street due is to drug issues, laziness, and lack of knowledge and know-how. Though this can be true, this is not true for the vast majority of people. For some people, due to the lack of health care, they lose their jobs because of undiagnosed mental health issues. Some people are veterans who can not find jobs. Some were corporate business owners whose business plunged; therefore, they bankrupted. It is a case by case situation for each person.

On the bright side, some organizations help those in need. Though this does not change every person's living situation, it continues to change some lives daily.

Unfortunately, if housing continues to rise with wages staying the same, homelessness will continue to be an issue in the United States. As rich of a nation as the United States, it is unfortunate, people struggle with not having a place to live and with their mental health.

Written by: Tasundra Stephens


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