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Companies Fighting World Hunger

Antion Williams-Brown

Around the world many people go to bed hungry every day. But there are tons of companies formed around the world that are devoted to helping solve this problem. Some of these companies span back almost 50 years of helping this problem. So why isn’t it solved yet? Well that is simple, currently a lot of people believe that we lack the technology to properly distribute food to the entire world. There are other problems that come with trying to solve world hunger. But these companies I am going to talk about are surely making a difference in the lives of many people around the world, and the problem of world hunger.

Many companies around the world donate money to help fight world hunger. But in this article I am just going to address three companies that I believe are making a huge difference around the world. The first company I would like to address is Action Against Hunger. This company has trying to end world hunger for almost 40 years and their company spans over 50 countries. They explore many different options to solve the hunger problem around the world. They have saved the lives of many families through their efforts in particular after disasters. They teach the affected communities to learn to be independent and provide for themselves. They are dedicated and committed to working until the world is free from hunger, and they push long term changes all across the globe. Another great company is the Heifer International. This company was founded in 1944 and the goal is to give people the power to bring themselves out of poverty. They build up local economies around the world by donating livestock such as cows, goats, and chickens, and they also fund similar programs all over the world. They want everyone to be able to have food security and proper nutrition, by increasing their income and assets, while improving environmental sustainability. Their most successful program allows people to donate livestock and anyone who receives an animal donates their first female offspring to help another family in need get started with their own livestock. The last company I would like to talk about is Meals on Wheels. This company you may have heard of it is an active company in all 50 states of the United States. This company is more focused on ending senior hunger, delivering meals to individuals who are unable to purchase or prepare their own food. They also help with addressing safety issues and care of people who are living alone. These are just a few of the many companies around the world that strive to solve the problem of world hunger.

In conclusion there are many companies around the world that help with world hunger. Although the problem is far from being solved at this moment in time. These companies save lives every day and are part of the reason a lot of people get meals each day. But the best thing each of us individuals can do to help is volunteering at local soup kitchens and pantries. People can also help by donating to some of these larger companies and help them achieve their goals. All help is good and anything we can do as people to help the problem can potentially save lives and get meals to people in need.


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