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Artists Are Considered Creatives

blog by: Alexandra "Alex" Howe

Art is an expression of the curious parts of the mind. When we create from what we imagine

rather than what we see, we express through our art what we see when we think or when we

dream. Bringing thoughts to life and imagination to the forefront of creation, art links together

the creative mind and creations of the future. Take cooking for example. Cooking and plating a meal is an art form from begging to end. The meal must be conceived in the mind of a chef who then brings the dish to life, however cooking is not only an art form. Cooking is more. If you break down the process of making a meal the little tweaks that the chefs use to adjust the dish to perfection boil down to the linkage between art and science. Cooking is not only an art but also, a science. Transformations of proteins with heat, acid or cold, breaking down vegetables from a firm root to a luscious soft mash. All of cooking is an art and a science, but that could also be said for any other form of art as well.

My question is, why are arts and sciences so strongly deviated from each other in school but

also in adult life. Artists are considered creatives while scientists are seen as math and logic

based brains. In reality it takes a combination to bring those sides to their greatest potential. I

am seeking to incite change in the way people think about a two-sided brain. We all used our

whole brain every day. We are not left sided or right sided thinkers. We are all thinkers who

benefit from thinking outside of the box. Imagination should not be squelched but rather


After speaking with many “successful” individuals, successful in quotation because it is society

deemed monetary success, they frequently stress the importance of originally. If something has

already been done, then people either need to improve upon it or start over with something

entirely new. I personally believe this applies to personal life as well.

By embracing creativity individuals may find themselves seeking alternative forms of work,

new projects, or an entirely new career. Encouraging creativity allows people to embrace their

imagination and run with the curiosity inside of themselves, hopefully allowing more individuals

to find their true meaning.

I challenge everyone who feels they are stuck in a rut that does not lead to happiness, to

embrace their dreams and follow their curious mind. Life should be a joy and for so many people that starts with allowing your creativity to run wild.


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