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Abuse in Immigrant Communities

A history of immigration has stood pivotal in America since its beginnings. America is known for being the land of opportunity. America is a place where immigrants have transformed the nation to become its bountifulness of culture, religion, and beliefs. We can not deny that what we consume today as Americans is a result of the immigrants who brought and integrated their culture amongst others. Our favorite subject is food. America is a melting pot of food cuisines deprived of immigrants. Some of America's entertainment, clothing, etc., are results of immigrants. Unfortunately, the abuse of immigrants is an issue.

According to sources,

"...Immigrant and non-immigrant communities experience domestic violence at similar rates. However, individuals without citizenship status or other forms of documentation may face heightened risks as a result of factors like language, social isolation, lack of information or financial resources, cultural beliefs, or fear of deportation."

"Immigrant survivors often choose not to report incidents of abuse out of fear of immigration consequences; immigration status may interfere with their ability to access support services as well."

Regardless of where a person is born, everyone deserves to be respected. Many people who have immigrated to the United States are seeking asylum. Seeking asylum is not easy. It is interesting how a nation that was built on the lives of immigrants, make it hard to obtain freedom from their home countries. Seeking out a residence card even for those who are married to Americans is not easy. Children who have immigrated here without a say, have been harshly separated from their families.

In regards to the abuse of immigrants, all people should be respected. Bringing awareness to abuse in all of its forms could help positively change a life. What can we do to prevent abuse to immigrants? Regardless of their status, we do not know the whole situation of a person. America is a land of immigration as to opportunity. The lives of immigrants are as important as those born in any host country.

Written by Tasundra Stephens


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