Gun Violence and Homelessness – The Lost Connection

This past Sunday, the American people were shown yet another reason why we should give up the fight against gun violence. This past attack is the 6th event to be named the deadliest mass shooting in Modern American history in the last decade. The events of the Las Vegas shooting are no doubt going to change the debate surrounding this issue because unlike last time, our current president isn’t showing any signs of helping. Many people are unaware of the link between gun violence and homeless. It’s one of those things that many overlook due to the lack media attention it’s given. According to the NHCHC, in the city of Philadelphia, 1 out of every 20 high school students or approximately 8% of

Hurricanes and Homelessness

For past the couple of weeks the mood has completely changed for the lower end of the United States. Instead of bracing for the heat, here in Florida, we’ve been bracing for the wind, the rain, the flooding, and the occasional tornado. Yes, this past September was definitely the King of Hurricane months and it was nowhere near pretty. While I was barricaded in my school’s cafeteria with three hundred other fortunate students I pondered what precautions were taken for the homeless community at that time. Chaos began in Houston, Texas as Harvey ripped through the state bringing one of America’s greatest cities to its knees. The New York Post reported 911 calls and Tweets being sent all through


Natural disasters have been rocking the Earth’s core all around. Between the back to back hurricanes, the forest fires and earthquakes, many people are losing more than a couple of nights without power. These natural disasters have resulted in people losing their jobs, their families and their homes. Even after Hurricane Katrina left rubble in her path, many homeowners were left with little to no options on where to live. The phrase, “homeless in their own home”, became popular among those situations. People live in their homes without electricity or running water. Hundreds of thousands of homeowners affected by Hurricane Katrina received grant money for them to rebuild their homes. Due to c

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