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In some parts across the country, we see hunger issues amongst all people. But this blog is going to focus on parents in the most need to feed their families. Parents can't control how benefits get received. All they can control is how they spread it amongst their loved ones. Now depending on how big the family is we understand food runs out within the household. Now to my point, what does a parent do when there isn't enough? We still have no answer, now all parents in this situation, must brainstorm ways to earn enough food that will last. Hunger has crippled our society for the longest, kids can't focus in class, early teens fall into the wrong activities within their community whether it be dealing drugs, stealing or prostitution. Some face bodily dysfunction and malnutrition, instead of bouncing the idea of raising taxes on people with greater income, I believe government benefits should team up with community food giveaways as well as churches and nonprofits that give free food to neutralize this problem within the households of low-income families that are less fortunate,

Peace Love & T's 4 Hope To All.

By: Kiid Ink


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