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Homeless with HIV

Homelessness, unfortunately, impacts many around the world. Apart from those who are homeless is a community of those who have HIV. According to sources,

"HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) is a virus that attacks the body's immune system. If HIV is not treated, it can lead to AIDS (acquired immunodeficiency syndrome). There is currently no effective cure. Once people get HIV, they have it for life. But with proper medical care, HIV can be controlled."

The lack of housing makes for a preventable disease to be deadly. Drug use and the sharing of needles can cause the spread of HIV. Many are not able to receive a diagnosis until it is too late. It is important that when a person has become diagnose that they immediately start taking medication. If not, they are more susceptible to illnesses. These illnesses are common, such as seasonal colds and cases of the flu. However, because the immune system is weakened due to having HIV, oftentimes seasonal sicknesses are often deadly.

When a person is homeless and living with HIV, choices have to be made to survive. Their medication being stolen is a problem that occurs. If drug users are around and suspect the medications may give them the high that they search for they will steal the medications. At times, those suffering from HIV can go months without taking their medication due to theft which can cause serious issues with their health.

There are housing agencies, clinics, and non-profits that help those with HIV and are homeless. Unfortunately, these programs stand long waiting lists. The treatment of the homeless in the medical system has caused many to feel resentment. Humans have four basic rights. Those are safety, shelter, food, and water. At what point, as a society, did we forget those fundamental attributes? There is not enough support for those who suffer. HIV kills and dealing with homelessness is a pathway to more destruction.

Written by Tasundra Stephens

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