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Creative While Quarantined: Using Art to Uplift Humanity

By: Ava Framm

Art has always been utilized as a form of expression, whether that be an escape from reality, or a release of emotion. But during these unprecedented times, people are finding different creative outlets to keep them occupied while maintaining healthy practices. For some, this including making homemade bread, painting, singing, or handmaking masks. For artists who are normally working on commissions, all of their deadlines have been put on hold. What this leaves room for, however, is public art. In an interview with Northeastern, local artist Silvia Lopez Chavez stated that the beautiful part about public art (besides the art itself) is that “It has this capacity to bring joy, to bring wonder, to bring a glimpse of hope when you’re outside during this time that is so challenging and difficult.”

But what many creative people struggle with during times of uncertainty is the ability to be creative. There is nothing to ignite that fire inside of them. So instead, they take breaks. They go on walks, they catch up on shows, and they call their families. Much like everyone else, artists give themselves time to process what is happening in the world and are not rushing any projects. Just as those who create art have had to put a hold on their art, the buildings that house this art have had to put a hold on sharing famous art with the world.

Besides creating art, looking at experiencing art in a museum is a no go, so museums have had to get creative in keeping their audiences interested. Several famous museums from around the world have made their collections available virtually through interactive websites and high definition zoom capabilities. This is designed to appeal to those who wish to see a painting up close as well as those who normally have to fight through a crowd to see a work of art. Google also created an Arts and Culture portion of its company in which patrons can browse thousands of works of art by color instead of movement so that you are not tied down to one specific period.

During these past few months, everyone has learned to either get on the bus or be run over by it. Unfortunately, this has led to several mom and pop stores closing their doors permanently because they were unable to find creative ways to sell their products without opening their doors. This time at home has also allowed people to try things they didn’t have time to try before, such as painting, cooking, and exercising. In the time of social media, everyone has been able to share their newfound talents with family, friends, and the world. Whereas some may find this to be oversharing, social media has helped some people feel less alone. So, despite the fact that no one knows what the next day will bring them, they know that they are not alone in their struggles.


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