In High School and Homeless…

People don’t like to think of students being homeless; teaching a child equation or reminding them of historical events while the student sits in class wondering where they will be sleeping that night. Unfortunately, that is a reality for many students. These students hide in the shadows or slip through the cracks to avoid bringing attention to themselves or situations. Almost 89,000 students were counted as homeless during the 2013-2014 school year ( However, that number is actually higher. There is a strict definition of who can be considered a homeless student. Homeless students are defined as children who lack a fixed, regular, and adequate nighttime residence. This number

Homeless and in College

College, the temple for a higher level of education. When people think college they think bunking in a dorm, crazy roommates, late night parties, and ten page papers. People think of college as the best time of a youth’s life. Freedom, no parents looking over shoulders and finally getting the opportunity to make big life decisions. This is what college was meant to be, but it isn't this picture perfect tale for everyone. Imagine having to do those ten page papers while thinking about where you're going to sleep at night? Imagine sitting through a three hour lecture with your stomach growling for food? Imagine having to abandon activities in order to get a little pocket change just for the ba

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