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Poems I Wrote About Mental Health

dinner and desserts

poetry by: moses taylor

oh my bones are getting thinner

put your cutlery down, pull me out of the ground throw me back into the winter. can't eat me for dinner decaying. i'm turning brown

i will shrivel up and cave out

and it's so cold, everything is far. tomorrow

new fertilizer for me, your old appetizer

i'm growing into something new

twisting. bleeding. into what i'm not meant to be

i’m turning sweet. sugar on a piece of meat

my flesh is filled by pests. i wanted to grow fresh you prance out of your warm home into the garden beg your pardon, it's just not my season

tearing off my petals, sadistically teasing

stomping on me. you dancing demon. you leave me

and tomorrow.

and it's so cold and everything is far

and i know you’ll make me grow again

breakfast at a table

poetry by: moses taylor

uninvited you came to me

morning it came and woke me in pain

you were there but i faced the day alone again

take in the sights of the hopeful sunrise i drew in crayon

we’re sitting eating breakfast but i'm staring at a black fly

as planned. but you say something, in my ears it goes passes

by. repeat yourself, you can try, i'll just close my eyes. daydreaming

violet-ultra-violent-nihilist-silent winds knock you over

clues that conclude I bleed berry-blue-doom, your face is turning dead-meat-rose-red like the fortune that i said. it’s tragic, feels like magic when im laying in my bed. i have yellow-greasy eyes that cry out oil and boil when you are near so in the end i run towards the tender-raw-daisy-filled-grassy-grass i run faster than the tortoise, rabbit out of habit i find a super natural pool of rainbow colored acid as desired (im tired) life with you left me grey-retired, as the uninspired-choir sings me off to sleep forever i wish i was colorblind but whatever. i'm always too sleepy to feel deep enough Written by, Moses Taylor

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