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Having to choose between medication and food.

The capitalist society we are living in is meticulously designed to keep us in place. Now exactly what place this is, we can leave that to personal interpretation. But something I think we can agree on despite our personal interpretations, is that the lower classes of society have been put in a bad place. In my opinion they have been put there by no mistake. It is the higher up totem pole of society that benefits from the kind of mistremanet and oppression the lower class people are facing. One problem in particular that I'd like to introduce to you is something I think we all could be in trouble of facing, is that seniors are now having to choose between medication and food. Seniors are in need of help immediately and here's why.

Seniors face more financial problems then we would normally expect. On top of saving for retirement, or living on retirement funds, seniors are less likely to be hired, less likely to have an able-body to even be able to work, and they are having to deal with an ever increasing number of rising medical bills. Not having universal healthcare is putting an enormous burden on not only seniors, but many regular families as well. As society is growing, it's also worth mentioning that medication costs continue to grow alongside it. We are asking the elders to juggle too many obstacles than they are cut out for. This isn’t something we should want for our families, ourselves, or anyone to be frank.

So, yes, I did mention free accessible healthcare could help this eradicate this problem. This is indeed a controversial topic. Not all agree that free health care is the answer. If free health care is not the answer, there are some other alternatives. I think bigger and better national pensions and/or benefits systems would ease some financial burden, and a wider variety of ebt or stamp benefits and better disability coverage would help as well. This kind of support net is not radical and seems very plausible.

Out of all the people that need help, it seems strange that we are continuing to oppress seniors. These people that have a hard enough time taking care of themselves, are now having to choose between medication and food. They can not afford both. They can not live unless they have both.

Written by, Moses Taylor


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