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Domestic abuse in the LBGTQIA+ communities

Domestic abuse in LBGTQIA+ communities continues to be an issue in the United States. Though the United States seems to be progressive in its' acceptance of those in this community, unfortunately, abuse, which sometimes leads to death, happens every day. Many individuals who are apart of the LBGTQIA communities have experienced verbal and physical altercations solely on the premises of their sexuality. Many have faced discrimination in the workplace and their communities. If discrimination against society is not enough, some face ridicule from family members, causing them to be outcasts from those who are closest to them. The fear of possible negative consequences of their sexuality results in many hiding their sexuality; this leads to many mental and emotional issues such as depression, PTSD, anxiety, suicide, etc. Surfacing the negative realities for many in the LGBTQIA+ communities allow for education to flourish.

According to sources, some people of the LGBTQIA+ (plus, meaning questioning) experience the following.

  1. The fear of isolation.

  2. Shame or embarrassment surrounding identity.

  3. Fear of not receiving not receiving services.

  4. Obtaining legal support depending on statehood.

Abuse is not just physical. By definition, abuse is a corrupt practice or custom, improper or excessive use or treatment, the language that condemns or vilifies, usually unjustly, intemperately, and angrily, physical maltreatment, and a deceitful act. By understanding what abuse consists of, awareness can help prevent deaths and suicides to continue.

The discussion about abuse and prevention needs to be discussed amongst communities for the protection of every life. Regardless of sexuality, gender, religion, etc. Every life deserves to live without the fear of abuse. Raising awareness and educating the vases will give the people in the LGBTQIA+ a chance to live freely and openly. Abuse should not be accepted, and thus, should be fought against.

Written by: Tasundra Stephens


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