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Domestic Abuse

Blog by: Neil Sagare

Domestic Abuse is a very bad term in today’s society and can cause major problems in society and in law enforcement. A lot of the time Domestic abuse is heavily tied to homelessness because after the incident, the victim is often searching for money, food, and a home. This causes a lot of problems. There is a lot of research going on to stop this problem because usually young kids are tied to the victim and have to suffer as well. Usually domestic abuse is when a husband or boyfriend abuses the lady and things start to go downhill.

At the point, when a lady chooses to leave a harmful relationship, she regularly has no place to go. This is especially valid for ladies with few belongings. Absence of shelter and long hanging criminal records imply that numerous ladies and their youngsters are compelled to pick between abuse at home and life in the city. Roughly 63% of homeless people have encountered abusive behavior at home in their grown-up lives (National Network to End Domestic Violence). In 2008, a dominant part of urban communities saw an expansion in family homelessness, however countless foreclosures has likewise impacted this number. However, urban communities have been responsive. Scarcely any homeless families were discovered living in the city in 2008 contrasted with 2007 when 25% of individuals living on the roads were families (U.S. Gathering of Mayors, 2008).


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