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Battling an Uncontrollable Fight

For more than one generation, we in the west have aggressively spread our contemporary knowledge of mental disease through the globe. We have made the name well known while agreeing our approach reveals a natural basis of mental pain and dispels pre-scientific myths and toxic stigma. We are now living in a world where people with mental illnesses are treated as people born with uncontrollable diseases. Since disease has been a stigma in our nation for so many years, there are doubts if the world will ever improve from this mindset. Despite that, some people are capable of contradicting this reality. In the depths of South America, many Filipino people refused to accept the serious conditions of their mental illnesses which connects us back to our initial issue. The world has to accept this concept that people suffer from anxiety and sadness can never be healed.

Of course, there are healing methods such as therapy and constructive mental building. Nevertheless, researchers gather more and more people who have taken to this assistance and there are mixed opinions and data. This is because we’ve been altering not only the treatment but also the manifestation of mental disease in different cultures. As a result, the smattering of mental health disorders are handled differently in cultures. Post-traumatic stress disorder and anorexia among today’s age seem to be spreading across cultures with the rate of infectious diseases. Evidently, the more you disregard your pain, it will only get worse. We as a community must find it in ourselves too obliterate all mental health stigmas and come together as one.

Blog by: Neil Sagare


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