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LGBT and Homelessness

According to The Guardian, in America, close to 40 percent of homeless youth identify as LGBT (Brown, 2015). In 2006, the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force reported that for both cis and LGBT youth, family conflict was the main cause of homelessness.

For LGBT youth, conflict over their sexual orientation or gender identity is one of the main causes for homelessness and considering that they only make up 7 percent of the youth population, the number of homeless LGBT youth is disproportionally high (Oregon Youth Development Council, 2016).

Aside from having a higher rate of homelessness, LGBT youth are at greater risk of experiencing physical and sexual exploitation from adults, police, and their peers (Oregon Youth Development Council, 2016). They also face discrimination when they search for alternative housing and when they try to access services for homeless youth (Oregon Youth Development Council, 2016). While participating in programs for homeless youth, some LGBT youth have been assaulted by their peers because of their sexual orientation or identity (Oregon Youth Development Council, 2016).

Without access to stable housing and homeless youth services, homeless LGBT youth are likely to face more challenges as adults (Oregon Youth Development Council, 2016). Aside from that, they are vulnerable to continued violence against them and are more likely to go through the juvenile justice system (Oregon Youth Development Council, 2016).

Sexual orientation is often a cause of family conflict for many LGBT youth. Their sexual orientation also puts them at grater risk of being harmed at the hands of others once they are out on the street. With trouble accessing homeless youth services because of discrimination or violence from their peers, homeless LGBT youth often enter the juvenile justice system and continue to face more challenges into adulthood. Here at T’s 4 Hope, we are committed to helping fellow citizens no matter what their sexual orientation is. Everyone needs a helping hand and to deny it based on sexual orientation is inexcusable. If you would like to get involved, please contact us at please contact us at or 954-867-6765.


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