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ANEW Place
ANEW Place is a nonprofit organization that helps homeless individuals with shelters and supplies. Their mission is to help those people grow with life long positive changes. (802) 862-9879

The Committee on Temporary Shelter (COTS) advocates the solution to end homelessness and provides shelters, supplies and services for those in need. They have walks and runs to promote their services and accept donations. (802)-864-7402

Spectrum Youth & Family Services 
Spectrum Youth & Family Services is a place where those who need help can be accepted without judgment. They provide services and shelters for those who need it. (802) 864-7423

Chittenden Emergency Food Shelf 
Chittenden Emergency Food Shelf provides food for those who are hungry. Their goal is to end world hunger. More than 60,000 hot meals are served yearly. (802) 658-7939 

South Burlington Food Shelf 
South Burlington Food Shelf believes that nobody should go hungry especially in their neighborhood. They provide food pantries and supplies such as soap, toilet paper and extra clothing. (802) 858-5267

Burlington Lakeside VA Clinic 
Burlington Lakeside VA Clinic helps veterans with benefits such as mental health therapy, primary care and counseling. (802) 657-7000

Veterans Affairs 
Veterans Affairs’ mission is to give veterans the best treatment and benefits. They provide healthcare, women veteran call centers and therapy. (802) 828-3379 

Vermont Affordable Housing 
Vermont Affordable Housing provides low income individuals to have affordable housing. They are located in a safe environment. (802) 660-9484

Pines Senior Living Community 
At Pines Senior Living Community, their main goal is to serve seniors with an affordable place to live.

(802) 865-1109 

Steps to End Domestic Violence 
Steps to End Domestic Violence is a place where individuals can find shelter from their abusive homes. They take in anyone and give them therapy and treatment from their wounds. They are opened 24/7.

(802) 658-1996



Vermont Coalition of Runaway & Homeless Youth Programs
This program helps runaways and homeless youths find a place to seek shelter. They have services such as counseling and education for the youths to learn and develop more. (802) 229-9151

Another Way Inc. 
Another Way Inc. is a nonprofit organization that helps individuals with counseling and therapy. Those who are suffering from a type of mental health but do not have the money to afford the best counseling can seek help at this organization. (802) 229-0920

Bethany United Church of Christ 
Bethany United Church of Christ provides hungry individuals with food supplies. ”Our congregation serves a free meal to all members of the community each week. The meal is typically served between 11:30 am - 1:00 pm each Tuesday and everyone is welcome to attend.” as quoted from their website. (802) 223-2424

Vermont Foodbank 
Vermont Foodbank is a charity where others can donate supplies that other individuals need. They also provide food at their organization for free. (800) 585-2265

Vermont State Housing Authority
Vermont State Housing Authority helps others by providing them housing with a low cost. They have various assistant programs that individuals can apply for. (802) 828-3295

Central Vermont Habitat for Humanity Inc. 
Central Vermont Habitat for Humanity Inc. is an organization where people can donate supplies to build houses for those in need. Nails, tools, wooden blocks, cardboard and many more are needed as donations. (802) 522-8611

Food Distribution Center - Christ Church 
Christ Episcopal Church of Vermont helps others by distributing food for those who are hungry. Donations are accepted and all contributions go towards those in need. (802) 223-3631

Good Samaritan Haven 
Good Samaritan Haven provides overnight shelter and support services for people experiencing homelessness in central Vermont. (802) 479-2294 

Hardwick Area Food Pantry 
Hardwick Area Food Pantry serves those who are hungry and homeless with hot meals. Their mission is to increase food independence, and to promote better health and well-being 
through shared knowledge and experience. (802) 472-5940 

Prevent Child Abuse Vermont 
Prevent Child Abuse Vermont is an organization where they promote child abuse in households. They play a vocal role in raising awareness about child abuse. (802) 229-5724


Lamoille Community House 
Lamoille Community House provides shelters for homeless people. They also have clean beds, hot meals and security for those in need. (802) 521-7943

Stowe Weekend of Hope
Stowe Weekend of Hope is a nonprofit organization that helps homeless individuals with shelters. They have events that raise awareness for those in need. (802) 387-0379

Lamoille Community Food Share 
Lamoille Community Food Share is a nonprofit group of volunteers dedicated to providing food security for our friends and neighbors in and around Lamoille County, Vermont. (802) 888-6550
Lamoille Housing Partnership 
Lamoille Housing Partnership is a service that helps individuals with low income to find a house for them. (802) 888-5714
Waterbury Area Food Shelf 
Waterbury Area Food Shelf supplies individuals with hot meals for free. Their mission is to put food on the table for those in need. (802) 244-1561
Hinesburg Community Resource Center & Hinesburg Food Shelf 
Hinesburg Community Resource Center & Hinesburg Food Shelf are a volunteer non-profit organization of neighbors helping neighbors. They help by providing food and lending medical equipment to those in need. (802) 482-4946 
Veterans of Foreign Wars 
Veterans of Foreign Wars provides insurance and support for fellow veterans. They help those veterans get the benefits that they need such as therapy and education. (802) 888-5535 
Copley Terrace 
Copley Terrace is a 38-unit Independent Living retirement community for low-income elderly and the young mobility-impaired. It is located in the friendly town of Morrisville, Vermont, it is a HUD subsidized housing facility. (802) 888-7896
St John's Church 
St John's Church is a place where individuals can get the support and help they need. They provide shelters for the homelessness and supplies for others. (802) 253-7578


Open Door Mission 
Open Door Mission helps individuals with homelessness with shelters and supplies. The Open Door Mission strives to give individuals their necessities  so they can focus on getting back on their feet. (802) 775-5661 
Veterans Assistance Office 
The Veterans Assistance Office serves veterans of all ages. The mission of the Veterans' Assistance office is to encourage and promote the improvement of the condition of all Veterans. To promote physical and psychological growth relating to the Veteran's social, economic, educational and vocational needs. To help improve the life of a Veteran in whatever way they can. (802) 775-6772
BROC is a nonprofit organization that provides hope, opportunities, and paths for those who are in need of help. BROC helps their community strive and move towards a brighter life. (802) 775-0878

Vermont Foodbank, Regional Distribution Center 
Vermont Foodbank, Regional Distribution Center gives out hot meals for those in need of food. They also distribute out supplies as well. (800) 585-2265
Rutland County Parent Child Center
Rutland County Parent Child Center helps families by transforming their life with the help they need.

(802) 775-9711 

Brookview Apartments 
Brookview Apartments is a low income based apartment that allows others to find housing for a cheaper price. (802) 295-9591 


Groundworks Shelter 
Groundworks Shelter provides shelters and necessities for homeless individuals. (802) 257-0066 

Foodworks is a food bank where they give out hot meals to hungry individuals. (802) 490-2412 

Windham & Windsor Housing Trust 
Windham & Windsor Housing Trust is a nonprofit organization where they help low income individuals with housing plans. (802) 254-4604
Brattleboro Housing Partnerships 
Brattleboro Housing Partnerships is an organization where they help individuals find homes for those with low income. (802) 254-6071 
Red Clover Commons 
Red Clover Commons is a program where individuals can find homes that are based on their low income pay rate. 802-254-6071
Food Distribution Center - Guilford Food Pantry 
Food Distribution Center - Guilford Food Pantry gives out free hot meals for those who are in need of food. They also have supplies for them such as towels and soap. (802)579 1350















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