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Nashville Rescue Mission

Nashville Rescue Mission is a Christ-centered community committed to helping the hungry, homeless, and hurting by providing programs that focus on a person’s entire life. (615) 255-2475

The Guest House

The Guest House provides the best services for those in need. Starting from winter houses, to meal programs from Mondays to Fridays at 12pm. They have showers and personal care services as well. 
(615) 251-9791 

Safe Haven Family Shelter

Safe Haven Family Shelter supports the homeless by supplying them housing programs. This shelter also has children’s programs and employment assistance programs especially during the recent pandemic.

(615) 256-8195

Second Harvest Food Bank of Middle Tennessee

Their purpose is to feed those in hunger and to end world hunger as well. 96 cents of every $1 goes back to each feeding program. (615) 329-3491

Bellevue Community Food Bank

Bellevue Community Food Bank’s mission is to supply food for others in the name of Jesus. The Food Bank was started in 1991 as a ministry through Bellevue United Methodist Church.  Some food giving may have occurred before this date, but not as an organized effort.(615) 212-9199

Tennessee Department of Veterans Services

The Tennessee Department of Veterans Services provides the best services for veterans out there. They have services including education, employment, and therapy for them. (615) 741-2345

VA Midsouth Healthcare Network

The VA Midsouth Healthcare Network takes care of veterans who are in need of help. They have counseling, benefits, and memorials for those in need. (615) 695-2200

Affordable Housing Resources

The Affordable Housing Resources provides individuals with low income easier access to housing. They have services for those who have been impacted by COVID-19 and support them with lower prices based on their income. (615) 251-0025

Urban Housing Solutions

Since 1991 Urban Housing Solutions has been developing and managing affordable housing for Nashville’s homeless, low income, and workforce populations. They want to change the outlook of those who are classified as low income. They want to give them a bigger change in life. (615) 726-2696

Nance Place Apartments

Nance Place Apartments is a low income based apartment that manages their rent on an individual's wages. Their location is in a convenient place for those who like to explore around the area. They have shopping areas near the place and have great and safe neighborhoods. (615)-393-6267


Memphis Union Mission

Memphis Union Mission is a place where they support the homelessness by supplying necessities such as personal hygiene and shelters. (901) 526-8403
Calvary Rescue Missions

Calvary Rescue Missions provides many individuals with shelters and food. They serve two full meals a day, offer clothing to the homeless, have a 2500 volume library, and provide nightly chapel services, counseling, a discipleship program, and lodging. (901) 775-2570

Dorothy Day House

The Dorothy Day House provides temporary housing and support services for homeless families in Memphis, TN. They find volunteers to help support the services and all funds go back to the program as well. 

(901) 726-6760

Door of Hope Memphis

With trained workers, Door of Hope Memphis wants to support those in need by supplying shelters and food. 

Food Distribution Center - Mid-south Food Bank

Food insecure individuals across the Mid-South depend on our help daily. In 31 countries, Mid-South Food Bank provides food to local agencies and food distribution sites. They want to end world hunger as a whole and help those in need. (901) 527-0841

Alpha Omega Veterans Services, Inc.

Alpha Omega Veteran Services is a nonprofit charitable organization that provides displaced and homeless veterans with the social services needed to totally reintegrate them back into society. They have events and programs that bring veterans together to celebrate as well. (901) 726-5066

Veterans Support Center

Congress has directed the US Department of Veterans Affairs to establish a program for eligible veterans and their surviving spouses to help pay for Assisted Living, Nursing Home Care, and Home Health Care.

(901) 451-9521

Memphis Housing Authority

 Memphis Housing Authority has been providing individuals housing since 1935. They base their housing on individuals' wages, making it easier for those to obtain long term shelters. (901) - 544 - 1100

Chickasaw Place Apartments

Chickasaw Place Apartments is an affordable place for those with low income. They are located in a safe environment for children to run around. Shopping areas are also walking distance for those who have to travel by foot. (901) 454-1718

Restoration House

At the Living for Christ Restoration House Ministries we are here for the assistance for all people. We provide the following basic necessities for our patrons as needed: Food, clothes, and shelter. (901) 791-4022


Safe Space

Safe Space provides individuals suffering from domestic abuse shelter to get them help and support. Safe Space’s mission is to help others by stopping abuse at home and for them to find a “safe space”.

(865) 397-8546

Elks Lodge

Elks Lodge is a place where they donate money towards veterans from the help of outside donations. They are committed to the ideals of charity and patriotism. (865) 436-7550

Trinity Episcopal Church

Trinity Episcopal Church is an area where homeless people can find peace. With God by their side they can find a movement on their future. This place also offers a food kitchen so individuals won’t go hungry.

(865) 436-4721

Roaring Fork Baptist Church

Roaring Fork Baptist Church provides services for those in need such as church services, food pantries and church events. (865)436-8643

Sevier County Food Ministries

Founded in 1992, Sevier County Food Ministries provides people with free food from their kitchens and donates necessities needed for others. (865) 428-5182

Blount County Veteran's Affairs

Blount County Veteran’s Affairs provides veterans with benefits that include service connected disability, health benefits, burial benefits, improved pension programs, survivor benefits, and many others. 


Watson Glades Place

Watson Glades Place is a great area for those who are looking for a place for low prices. They base their pay on individuals with low income and disabilities. (865) 268-4583

Second Harvest Food Bank of East Tennessee

Second Harvest Food Bank of East Tennessee provides hungry individuals with food pantries and donations. They also have upcoming summer programs for children with food. (865) 521-0000
Smoky Mountain Area Rescue

Smoky Mountain Area Rescue is a place where individuals in need of housing can come and stay for shelter. They can supply others with transportation/vehicle fuel, food, clothing and other essentials. (865) 908-3153

MATS Shelter

Open 24 hours, MATS Shelter provides housing for homeless people and guidance for low income people needing housing. They have food pantries and necessities if individuals need them. (423) 587-9215


Knox Area Rescue Ministries

Knox Area Rescue Ministries provides the homeless with shelters and food. They want to rescue the poor and needy. (865) 673-6540 

Salvation Army

The Salvation Army provides shelter for homeless people, food pantries and healing counseling. They want to make sure everyone has the help they need. (865) 525-9401

Family Promise of Knoxville 

The Family Promise of Knoxville wants to provide a community-based response that empowers and equips families experiencing homelessness and housing-instability to achieve sustainable independence. (865)-584-2822

Shepherd Of Hope Food Pantry 

Shepherd Of Hope Food Pantries’ goal is to bring hope to those in need. They provide food and supplies for those who need it. The Shepherd of Hope Food Pantry seeks to provide daily bread to equip people for life in Jesus’ name. Daily bread carries all types of meaning: physical nourishment, spiritual guidance and community. (865) 966-9626

Knox County Veteran's Services

The mission of the Veterans Services Office is to assist Veterans and their dependents in filing applications for health benefit enrollments. VA insurance programs, improve pension programs and many more. (865)-215-5645

Arbor Place Apartments

LHP Capital, LLC is a real estate development firm and a national leader in the development and management of affordable housing. We specialize in acquiring and renovating affordable housing properties to bring value and positive transformation to the communities we serve. 
(865) 244-4300

Veterans Affairs Department

The Veterans Affairs Department provides veterans with health care, disability, and education. They also have service member benefits, family benefits and burial and memorials. (865) 594-6158

Food Distribution Center - First Baptist Church Knoxville (FISH)

This food distribution center helps those who are hungry with free food donated from the public. A food pantry through Second Harvest on the first Monday of each month from 9 am to 1 pm. Each person who comes to FISH, receives a pre-packed bag of groceries. We hand out food regardless of financial, social, or religious background.(865) 546-9661

Love Kitchen Inc.

The Love Kitchen provides meals, clothing and emergency food packages to homebound, homeless and unemployed people of all races and faiths. (865) 546-3248

Volunteer Ministry Center

The Volunteer Ministry Center helps accessing homeless services every year, there are many who are at risk of dying on the streets without specialized services focused on both achieving and sustaining housing. Homelessness impacts all of us as there is both an economic and human cost to our community.

(865) 524-3926



Chattanooga Rescue Mission

The Chattanooga Rescue Mission wants to help others in need. Their mission is to help homelessness with shelters and necessities. (423) 756-3126

Family Promise of Greater Chattanooga

The Family Promise of Greater Chattanooga is a nonprofit organization that helps people in need. They supply those with shelters and donations from others. (423) 756-3891

Community Kitchen

Our mission is to meet the most basic needs of hungry, homeless and vulnerable people in our community while offering a clear path to self-sufficiency. (423) 756-4222

Chattanooga Room In the Inn

The Chattanooga Room in the Inn (CRITI) provides more than just shelter. In the loving arms of the program, women can address the issues that brought them to their door, learn how to pave the way to a brighter future and never be homeless again. (423) 624-6144

Chattanooga Regional Homeless Coalition 

The Southeast Tennessee region becomes the 12th community in the country to reach the second milestone indicating veteran homelessness is rare and brief. Using an all-hands-on-deck approach, bold innovations, and real-time, by-name data, the Built for Zero Chattanooga team has ended homelessness for veterans in their community. (423) 710-1501

Pointe Centre VA Clinic

Pointe Centre VA Clinic helps with veterans with benefits and health care. They provide them with counseling and services such as memorials as well. (423) 893-6500
Maclellan Shelter For Families

Our mission is to meet the most basic needs of hungry, homeless and vulnerable people in our community while offering a clear path to self-sufficiency. (423) 756-4222 

Silvertree Seniors Chattanooga Apartments 

Silvertree is a place where senior citizens, 62 years and up, can find affordable housing. They are located in a safe environment with close shopping areas for easy access. (423) 344-8361 
The Overlook 

The Overlook provides low income housing for those who are 18 years and older. They also allow disabled and handicapped individuals to live here. (423) 756-4680

Operation Child Rescue

Operation Child Rescue is an organization that protects children from trafficking, abuse and from hunger. This place is also a homeless shelter for children who are alone or wandering on the streets.

(423) 661-3989 













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