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T's 4 Hope t-shirts are $35.00 each.  For every T's 4 Hope t-shirt sold we will donate $10.00 to help those that are in need of help: Low-Income Families, The Homeless, Veterans, Those with Mental Disorders, The Handicap, 55+, or anyone that contacts us that needs assistances from T's 4 Hope. If you wish to donate money, please use either our Donate Button on our home page or Go Fund Me Campaign Link

All T's 4 Hope's designs are printed on white t-shirts through this website, 100% cotton and are UniSex. Unless you click on the above banner to go to Shopify.  More choices on Shopify..

Thank you for helping us, so we can make someone elses day a little bit happier.

Back of T-Shirt_2017.jpg

All T's 4 Hope t-shirts will feature on the back pictured above.  

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