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Coalition on Homelessness and the Housing in Ohio (COHHIO)

COHHIO is a coalition of organizations and individuals committed to ending homelessness and to promoting decent, safe, fair, affordable housing for all, with a focus on assisting low-income and special needs populations. (614)-280-1984

LSS Faith Mission

Each year, LSS Faith Mission provides more than 83,000 nights of shelter to men, women and veterans who are experiencing homelessness. They also offer case management, employment assistance and a health center to help their clients overcome barriers to self-sufficiency. (614) 224-6617

Columbus Coalition for the Homeless

Their mission is to reduce the terrible impact of homelessness on families and individuals through education, advocacy, and empowerment. (614)-228-1342

Gladden Community House

Gladden Community House provides a range of services from youth services, food pantries, preschool and community services. Gladden Community House is a settlement house serving Franklinton and its surrounding neighborhoods. (614)-227-1600

The Homeless Families Foundation

HFF is dedicated to holistic, strength-based services celebrating each person’s resilience, hopes and dreams for their future, provided through homeless prevention and re-housing, education, and stabilization.

(614) 461-9247

Community Kitchen

A community kitchen that serves free food items for homeless people or people in need of food. 

(614) 252-6428

Southside Community Ministries Food Pantry

The South Side Community Ministries (SSCM) Food Pantry is an all-volunteer food pantry which provides a 3-day supply of food to individuals and families in need, and is located in and focused on serving the south side of Columbus, Ohio. (614) 444-1669

Holy Family Church

Holy Family operates a soup kitchen and food pantry where we serve over 300 people each day, Monday through Friday, and provide groceries weekly to over 125 families. They also offer an outreach to senior citizens through workout classes and many seminars. (614) 221-4323

Ohio Department of Veterans Services

 The Ohio Department of Veterans Services reaches to veterans and provides training and oversight to the 88 County Veterans Service Offices (CVSOs), coordinates programs and operations with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), which provides benefits to Ohio veterans and many more. 

(614) 644-0898

Franklin County Veterans Services

Franklin County Veterans Services provides assistance for veterans in needs. They provide help with tax returns, financial assistance, education benefits, life insurance and many more. (614) 525-2500


Northeast Ohio Coalition for the Homeless (NEOCH) 

Since 1988, NEOCH has sought to break the cycle of homelessness in Northeast Ohio. They exist to eliminate the root causes of homelessness while loving their diverse community through organizing, advocacy, education, and street outreach.(216)-432-0540

The City Mission

Their mission is to provide help and hope to all people through the transforming power of God's love. They provide shelter for the homeless and have soup kitchens for those in need. (216) 431-3510

Family Promise of Greater Cleveland

They provide families facing the crisis of homelessness with a safe place designed to engage, inspire, and guide them toward a future where they feel empowered to control the course of their lives. (216) 767-4060

YWCA Greater Cleveland

YWCA Greater Cleveland wants to make a change in society by helping women at Norma Herr navigate people through problems such as racism, sexism and more. (216) 479-0020

Front Steps Housing and Services (Formerly Transitional Housing Inc)

Front Steps Housing and Services is dedicated to ending homelessness by providing individuals and families with permanent housing and lifelong solutions. (216) 781-2250

Cuyahoga County Veterans Service Commission

The Cuyahoga County Veterans Services was created to assist discharged veterans. They help veterans receive compensation, pension and education benefits. (216) 698-2600

US Veterans Affairs Department

The US Veterans Affairs Department is in charge of veterans who are retired. Their history show how they provided health care and social services for 112,395 Veterans across Northeast Ohio. (216) 791-3800

Greater Cleveland Food Bank

The Greater Cleveland Food Bank continues to serve more than 375,000 people from March to early December. The provide free food for those in need. (216) 738-2265


Lourexis Apartments provides the best housing services to individuals ages 62 years and older, handicapped, or disabled. Their area is close to shopping sites for easy access. (216) 883-7001

Cuyahoga Housing Authority

Cuyahoga Housing Authority helps people with low income find houses easily with undemanding prices. (216) 432-3840



Shelterhouse provides the best services for homeless people such as giving safety and nourishment to 210 homeless men and women who otherwise would go without. (513) 721-0643

Bethany House Services, Inc.

Bethany House Services shines a path for those who are in need for housing. They provide a place of peace for individuals to find rest and restoration. (513)-921-1131

City Gospel Mission

The City Gospel Mission is known for serving people experiencing homelessness. They provide food kitchens and shelters. (513) 621-2873 

Greater Cincinnati Coalition for the Homeless

The Greater Cincinnati Homeless Coalition's main goal is to give respect to the homelessness with respect for the dignity and diversity of its membership, people experiencing homelessness and the community. 

(513) 421-7803

Strategies to End Homelessness

They work with 30 non-profit organizations to coordinate homeless shelter programs, housing solutions, and emergency shelters. (513) 263-2780

Cincinnati VA Hospital

The Veterans Health Administration is America’s largest integrated health care system, providing care at 1,255 health care facilities, including 170 medical centers and 1,074 outpatient sites of care of varying complexity (VHA outpatient clinics), serving 9 million enrolled Veterans each year. (800)-698-2411

St. George Interfaith Food Pantry 

They reach out to their Christian community to solve world hunger. They live by their word and want to use Jesus as an example of a brighter future for those who are in need. (513) 751-8771

Sem Food Pantry

Sem Food Pantry allows individuals who are in need of food to grab and go prepackaged items. They set this goal to for other because it shows that people who chooses their own food creates an atmosphere of respect and builds trust between clients, staff and volunteers.(513) 231-1412

Avon View Apartments

Avon View Senior Apartments offer 1- and 2-bedroom apartments for adults 55 and older. The location of the apartments makes it easier for the elders to get the products they need. This area is also close to entertainment areas such as zoos and malls. (513) 221-1234

Over the Rhine Soup Kitchen

Since 1976, Cincinnati’s oldest soup kitchen remains true to our mission of providing food for those in need. 

(513) 241-5121


Haven of Rest Ministries

 The purpose of Haven of Rest is to provide the best services for those in need. This place serves a shelter for homelessness and food. Their main goal is to give satisfaction for those who are in a bad place. 

(330) 535-1563


This agency wants to provide shelters for those in need. With the availability they have, they can support many individuals in need. (330) 376-0997

The Homeless Charity & Village

The Homeless Charity and Village wants to bring all people together. No matter their background they want to support those in need. They quote "We are all people" as a sense of togetherness. (234)417-0711

Family Promise

Family Promise helps  homeless families with children stay together and achieve sustainable independence. (330)-253-8081

Family & Community Services, Inc.

Family & Community Services, Inc. advocates by bringing social awareness to those in need. They give services such as Engaging and Empowering Communities; Strengthening and Supporting Individuals and Families; Focusing on the Futures of Children, Dependents and Youth; and Providing Tools for Healthier Lives.

(330) 773-7000

Gennesaret Inc.

Their mission is to provide immediate housing, food, training and support services for those families who are earnestly seeking to improve their lives and living conditions. (330)-379-1057

Akron Metropolitan Housing Authority

AMHA provides safe and decent affordable housing for low-income residents in the Akron area. We offer many programs to help you find a home. (330) 633-1614

Good Neighbors Inc. Office and Food Center

Good Neighbors Inc Office and Food Center's purpose is to serve those who are in need of help, providing food and shelters all together. (330) 733-1453

Summit County Veterans Services

Many veterans still fight for their freedom each day. With the help of Summit County Veterans Services, they help veterans seek for their goals. (330) 643-2830



Established in 1975, Daybreak was an emergency shelter for homeless youths. Today they are a 24 hour hotline and emergency youth shelter that educate them on life skills and general education for their futures. (937) 395-4600

St Vincent De Paul Society

St. Vincent de Paul aids the homelessness by providing permanent homes, food, clothing and household items, and guidance to leading a self-sustaining life. (937) 222-5555

YWCA Dayton

Their goal is to bring services to emergency shelter and crisis support services for women and children fleeing domestic violence and many more. (937) 461-5550


Homefull works to end homelessness by providing housing, services, advocacy and education. They want to lessen the amount of homeless people. (937) 293-1945

Mercy Manor Inc.

Mercy Manor provides several services and programs which include peer to peer support, support in maintaining a drug free life, spiritual experiences, group counseling and many more. (937) 268-0282

Dalton Baptist Church

Their main purpose is to educate the public about the preaching of the Gospel of Jesus Christ for the salvation of souls as well as providing services such as food pantries and give resources for those in need.(330) 828-8302 

Stark County Veterans Service Commission

The veterans services provides education, housing, upgrading or correct discharge and more to veterans in need. (330) 451-7457

Orchard Glen

Orchard Glen is a tobacco-free community that offers something for everyone to live an active and social life with a laundry facility, playground, clubhouse, and more. They help out low income families and work around to help them with housing as well. (330) 682-6480

Palm House Apartments

Palm House Apartments are a good source for low income individuals to find since they base on on income per person and determine how you owe. (330) 262-5582

Tuscarawas County Veterans Services

The Veterans Service Office is a county agency dedicated to helping veterans, and/or dependents of veterans, and active duty members of the armed forces in obtaining benefits and entitlements from the Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA). (330) 339-1163


St Paul Community Center

 At St. Paul's Community Center, they offer shelters and food to those in need. They also provide counseling for those who are having conflicts or problems. (419) 255-5520

Rebekah’s Haven

Rebekah's Haven is a homeless shelter for mothers with small children. They offer services such as daily encouragement and a bright environment. (419) 243-0403

The Life Revitalization Center

 Cherry Street Mission Ministries is the largest organization serving individuals who are poor and homeless in Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan. (419) 214-3007

Beach House Family Shelter

Working with several local women’s organizations, Mrs. Jones helped to establish a shelter for homeless single women and women with children. (419) 241-9277

Lucas County Veterans Service Commission

This veteran services provides veterans benefits such as educating them and assistance. (419) 213-6090

Toledo Northwestern Ohio Food

Their mission is to end world hunger and bring society together. They strive to maximize community resources by effectively obtaining and distributing food through a food collection and distribution system.

(419) 242-5000

SeaGate Food Bank of Northwest Ohio

 SeaGate Food Bank is absolutely committed to provide food at no cost to over 400 pantries and programs. With their contribution, all donations goes back to the community 100%.(419) 244-6996

Food For Thought

Food For Thought is a Toledo-based and Toledo-focused organization dedicated to feeding and nourishing our community. (419) 972-0022

Douglas Square Apartments

 In conjunction with its subsidiary corporations and partnerships, VMC has developed over 1,000 housing units during the past 30 years with a total development cost exceeding $100 million dollars. (419) 472-6087

Van Wert County

Ohio Recovery Center

Detox & Inpatient Treatment, With A Multidisciplinary Approach
Educational Resource addiction, substance abuse, mental health, and treatment on our blog.  419-904-4158,













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