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Evan Scott
Sep 14, 2018
In Survival
If you see something on the street someone threw out, like a mattress or whatever can help you out make sure you get it now instead of picking it up later. Don't just expect it to just still be there. There are other homeless or very resourceful people competing for every scrap of whatever has any value at all. Make sure you pick up books, as they have been a major blessing to me on the streets for a year or so a few different times. Use this time to read & learn, as God is providing you the knowledge to apply, you must be willing to take action to do whatever it takes to survive. Stay away from other homeless people as you can usually assume they are troubled, not taking meds, irresponsible, thieves & mostly addicts. So stay out of trouble or you will do a stint at the gray bar hotel downtown. And don't blame anyone, this is unfortunate & has to happen to everyone, just to keep you humble & appreciating every little thing we often take for granted in everyday life at times... Be as honest as possible & keep clean & respectful in order to be worthy of rescue & god will provide if you believe he will... Go in Peace.
Evan Scott
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