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The position of women in society has always been shady. The world has always painted the picture of the happy family with the loving housewife and the caring husband, but as citizens of the real world we know that that’s just propaganda to cloak the truth. The truth being that happiness does not exist for all marriages/ relationships especially for the woman. According to the NCADV the victims are not just women. The website reported that 1 out of 4 men are abused by their significant other, this number pales in comparison to the 1 out 3 women who are abused each year. Looking at the facts it is safe to agree that the gentle nature of a woman has been taken advantage of in many situations.

It is because of society’s demands of a family that has led women for years to remain in difficult relationships. A person who is not in this predicament might question why someone might stay in an abusive relationship. There is much to be considered. Women in these situations are thinking about their children. ‘The kids need their father,’ they might debate. ‘He loves me, he just doesn’t know how to show it,’ or ‘he’ll change just give him time.’ These are just some of the excuses that prevent women from leaving their relationship. With the man usually being the sole provider, if these women escape and or fight to be out of their custody they do not have a place to call home afterwards. This is the main reason as to why the victims do not flee their home of abuse.

Sadly, the addition of children makes the decision even harder. When women take into account their child’s welfare they throw away any decision to escape the heinous situation. If they do choose to leave out of an act of courage they have a whole world of difficulties ahead of them. The first action a person takes when they are being removed from their abusive is to double-up. Doubling up is the process of moving in with a family member or friend. The closest ones to the victims may very well be quick to take them in, but studies have shown that that luxury does not last for long. The finances and the lack of space becomes a burden. In fear of overstaying their welcome the domestic violence victim will attempt to double-up with another family member or friend. When they run out places to go then they will consider checking into a domestic violence shelter where the majority is women and children going through the same struggle. These shelters are perfect because they cater to the exact need of the situation and allow the victims to stay in contact with their relatives. Unfortunately, these shelters in particular have a time limit, so after the stage one of their stay is complete the women are sent packing.

What’s the next?

A regular homeless shelter is the next bet, which doesn’t carry all the amenities of the last shelter. The worst part about this predicament is some of the homeless shelters only cater to adults, which mean the children will be separated from their parent and put into foster care. This could be the worst possible conclusion for a mother who is fleeing a dangerous relationship. The outcome could only get worst from there, when it comes to being homeless it is always difficult to work your way back up in society. The best possible solution is to prevent these mothers and their children from turning to a homeless shelter, keep them from getting to that point of desperation so they can keep their families together.

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