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T’s 4 Hope Fundraiser

Written by Lornna Zane, Published in Hometown Miami Newspaper 1/28/17

In America, one in six people face hunger and about 3.5 million people are homeless. These statistics prove that we need to open our eyes and help our comrades in need. There has been a stigma placed on those who find themselves homeless. Many see them as drug-addicts or ex-convicts. Yet, they are people just like us who are not as blessed as we are.

T’s 4 Hope is a fundraiser that raises money for those facing hunger and homelessness in the United States. Founded by Sean Mattingly, owner of SRM Graphics and Printing, T’s 4 Hope began as a way for Sean to spread messages of joy and inspiration. Eventually, it became something more. He realized he wanted to help those in need and had a platform to do so.

Last year, Sean decided to put T’s 4 Hope to better use and began accepting donations. Every person can go online and donate at least $1. Anything is helpful in fighting hunger and homelessness. If you decide to donate $50 or more, T’s 4 Hope will gift you with your choice of any t-shirt from their website. These tees have an array of inspirational quotes that will put a smile on your face. Every time you wear the shirt, you will be reminded of how you have helped someone in need. The money donated will be given to local food banks and other organizations that will feed those in need.

Sean wants to see his fundraiser improve the quality of life for those out there that do not have much. His disgust for the treatment of homeless people and the amount of families struggling to feed themselves are what motivated him to create T’s 4 Hope. Join him in aiding those in need. Remember, we are in this together and it is our responsibility to treat all of God’s children as equals.

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