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HomeAgain is a program that helps individuals or families experiencing homelessness. They also have different programs such as housing, projects and emergency housing to help with those in need.

(804) 358-7747 

Commonwealth Catholic Charities - Housing Resource Center and Youth Hub 
Commonwealth Catholic Charities - Housing Resource Center and Youth Hub is a place where people can find resources such as shelters, supplies and mental help. They provide others with many types of human services. (804) 648-4177 

Housing Families First Hilliard House 
Housing Families First Hilliard House helps individuals and families with finding shelters and providing supplies. (804) 236-5800 

Feed More 
Feed More is a program where they support the hungry with free hot meals. Their purpose is to serve those in need and reduce the need for hunger. (804) 521-2500 

HandsOn Greater Richmond 
HandsOn Greater Richmond helps others by bringing soup kitchens to their community. They also have services that help with restoration. (804) 409-5636 

Virginia Veterans Services Foundation 
Virginia Veterans Services Foundation serves veterans of all ages and races. They want to expand the knowledge of caring for veterans and also provide services such as education, therapy and housing for them. (804) 382-3715

Richmond Redevelopment and Housing Authority 
Richmond Redevelopment and Housing Authority helps individuals and families find housing with cheaper prices. The Richmond Redevelopment & Housing Authority transforms the lives of families and communities in the belief that opportunity begins with living in a safe, affordable home. (804) 780-4200

Dominion Place 
The Dominion Place allows people who are considered low income to find affordable places that meet their budget. Their community is designed for seniors 62 years of age or older and individuals with disabilities.(804) 355-9114

Food Distribution Center - Saint Thomas Episcopal Church
Food Distribution Center - Saint Thomas Episcopal Church is a place where hungry individuals can seek for hot meals for free! They have volunteers that help out in the kitchen and also accept donations for those in need. (804) 321-9548 

US Veterans Affairs Department 
The US Veterans Affairs Department is a program that has services for veterans such as proper burials, education, therapy and many more. (804) 795-2031 


H.O.P.E. Foundation Inc. Summer Homeless Shelter
H.O.P.E. Foundation Inc. Summer Homeless Shelter is a place where homeless individuals can seek shelter. They also provide free training, education, prayers and home cooked meals. (757) 241-6900 

ForKids, inc. 
ForKids, inc. is a nonprofit organization where homeless families can find shelter. They answered the question as to how to reduce homelessness and they responded with “Homelessness and housing instability profoundly impacts the educational progress for most children. We help our kids catch up to their peers.” (757) 622-6400 

Virginia Beach Housing Resource Center 
The Virginia Beach Housing Resource Center serves homeless people with shelters. They also have hotlines for emergencies such as in danger of losing their homes. (757) 385-5167

Foodbank of Southeastern Virginia and the Eastern Shore 
Foodbank of Southeastern Virginia and the Eastern Shore is a place where individuals can get free hot meals. (757) 627-6599

Oasis Social Ministry 
Oasis Social Ministry’s mission is to serve the homeless and hungry community. Oasis is a private, not for profit, charitable corporation. They serve hot meals and shelter for those in need. (757) 397-6060

Lexington Park Apartments 
Lexington Park Apartments has apartments set for those who are in low income. They base it on different individual wages. This apartment is also near zoos, theaters and malls. (757) 625-3108 

Sumler Terrace Apartments 
Sumler Terrace Apartments is a safe place for those who cannot afford expensive apartments. They base it on income and their goal is to find people permanent homes. (757) 962-6561

Norfolk Redevelopment and Housing Authority 
The Norfolk Redevelopment and Housing Authority support families who cannot afford apartments. They make it more affordable by basing the rent on their wages. (757) 623-1111 

Grace & Hope Mission 
Grace & Hope Mission is a place where families and individuals can find free food. They provide hot meals along with supplies needed. (757) 855-7175

The Union Mission Ministries 
The Union Mission Ministries is a 24 hour program that accepts homeless people and brings them shelter. They give out hot meals, clean clothing and job opportunities for them. (757) 627-8686


Rescue Mission Ministries 
Rescue Mission Ministries is a place where homeless individuals need services and supplies. This place has shelters, hot meals and necessities needed. Showers, healthcare and therapy are also there. (540) 343-7227

Samaritan Inn 
The Samaritan Inn helps homeless people and families with shelters and food. Many people in this community also give out donations to those in need. Toilet paper, clothes and other necessities are given to them. (540)-366-0646

Roanoke Area Ministries - RAM House 
The RAM House is a nonprofit organization that helps those in need. They support the homeless by giving them shelters and health care. (540) 981-1732 

Roanoke Homeless Asstnc Team 
The Roanoke Homeless Asstnc Team helps homeless people on streets by bringing them to shelters that they have. They include warm beds and hot meals for them, including new clothing. (540) 853-1715

Friendship House Roanoke, Inc. 
Friendship House Roanoke, Inc. is a place where people can get food for free. They supply those in need with soup kitchens. (540) 343-5437

Feeding Southwest Virginia 
Feeding Southwest Virginia has been feeding individuals and families for about 40 years now. About 1 in 8 people in Southwest Virginia suffer from hunger. Their goal is to feed hungry people with soup kitchens for free. (540) 342-3011

Salem VA Medical Center 
Salem VA Medical Center is a place where veterans can get help. They have therapy, proper burials and services to suit their needs. (540) 982-2463

Virginia Veterans Care Center 
Virginia Veterans Care Center has workers that will do their best to support veteran needs. They have housing, therapy and many more for veterans. (540) 982-2860 

Kissito Village of Roanoke
Kissito Village of Roanoke is a low income based apartment where elder individuals can live for a cheaper price. They are in a safe area where shopping areas are around, along with malls and theaters.

(540) 400-0817

Fairington Apartments of Roanoke 
Fairington Apartments of Roanoke is a home to those who are 62 years and older. They base their rooms on income and will make it easier for those who cannot afford it. (540) 989-7731


Alexandria Community Shelter 
Alexandria Community Shelter is a 24 hour place that individuals or families can go and seek for shelter. There, they will provide anyone with new clothes and a warm bed. (703) 746-3660 

Carpenter's Shelter 
Carpenter's Shelter is an organization where they support the homeless with shelter and supplies. They are also open 24 hours. (703) 548-7500

Bailey's Shelter & Supportive Housing
At Bailey's Shelter & Supportive Housing, they provide homeless people with shelter and food. They are open 24 hours to assist those in need. (703) 820-7621 

New Hope Housing Mondloch House 
New Hope Housing Mondloch House does their best to help those in need. They have shelters for those who are homeless, food for those who are hungry and supplies for anyone who needs it. (703) 768-3400

Arlington Food Assistance Center (AFAC) 
Arlington Food Assistance Center (AFAC) is a soup kitchen that feeds those who are hungry and cannot afford food. (703) 845-8486

ALIVE! Food Program 
ALIVE! The Food Program is a place where those who are hungry can get hot meals for free. They also have other services such as therapy and counseling for those who need it. (703) 837-9300

Alexandria Redevelopment and Housing Authority 
Alexandria Redevelopment and Housing Authority is an organization that helps direct people into finding permanent homes at a price they can afford. (703) 549-7115

Parc View Apartments 
Parc View Apartments is a low income based apartment that is suited for those who are older. Public parks and buses are near this apartment for easy access. (703) 751-2297

Virginia Department of Veterans Services 
Virginia Department of Veterans Services is an organization where veterans can get the services they need. There are services such as therapy, counseling and proper burials. (703) 359-1210

Christ House Arlington Diocese 
Christ House Arlington Diocese is a charity where they help and support the homeless. They help them by giving them hot meals and warm beds. They also have shelters for them. (703)-841-3830


Thurman Brisben Center 
Thurman Brisben Center is a place where they want to transform people who need help to become better. Homeless people can get the help they need with shelters and support. (540) 899-9853

Hope House 
The Hope House is a place where individuals and families can find help. They provide services and items needed such as clothes, shampoo and soap. They also have shelters for homeless people to stay in.

(540) 371-0831

Mary's Shelter 
Mary's Shelter’s mission is to help homeless people in need with a shelter for them. They want to help mothers and children find a safe place to live in. (540) 374-3407

Micah Ecumenical Ministries 
Micah Ecumenical Ministries is a church that helps out people in need. They supply those with shelters and supplies. They have resources for people to go through and are willing to help with anything. (540) 479-4116

Fredericksburg Regional Food Bank 
Fredericksburg Regional Food Bank is a place where individuals and families can get free hot meals on their tables. Since there is COVID-19 going around, they are doing drive through food banks from 11am-2pm.

(540) 371-7666

Fredericksburg VA Clinic 
Fredericksburg VA Clinic helps veterans with services such as therapy, proper burials, and housing.

(540) 370-4468

Hazel Hill Apartments 
Hazel Hill Apartments gives people with low income an opportunity to find apartments with a cheaper price. They will help others with long term housing and all rent will be based on income. (540) 373-1422

Central Virginia Housing Coalition 
Central Virginia Housing Coalition is an economic development agency that helps guide families to finding houses with low income. They provide housing with hopes to help others. (540) 604-9943


















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